August 25 2014

Early Morning Coff-ay Video! (+ random email from a mep fan)

STUFF PICK from Ground's Oranges on Vimeo.


hey i’m the guy that sent you some canadian mep money years ago.. haha. Been playing around with the tunes past couple years but it’s experimental and can’t get it out there unless you’re in mainstream genres. Was gonna start doing a fun video for this animal noises tune i did but thought, won’t be able to get it out there. Thought i’ll just start doing some sort of photo cartoon instead. So gettin goin and there’s gonna be a dog, was thinking of roscoe when was looking some up. Be a similar breed. But yeah, check it out over here:

Do you got any ideas where i can get this out there? Cause its not really drawing, and not cartoon… in between genres like the music. fail. haha


August 16 2014

Time for A Poll! Pick Which You’d Rather Have! This! Or That!

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August 08 2014

Draw on the Thing Week!


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