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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Venice Beach Freakshow!


SEE ROCKY THE 5-LEGGED DOG!!!! You'll never forget it...

Go today!!! And be prepared to be amazed...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Seen Simpsons Movie (+ Kige)

So I done wrote stuff bout it and stuff! Click over yonder if you wanna read...

Good vibes to y'all!

ok bye!

PS. Kige Ramsey Rules

More Kige here

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sweaty on the Head

So I'm sweaty on the head when it's too hot. I don't like being sweaty on the head. I feel like people look at me like, "Look at the big sweaty head!" Big bald head with the sweaty? Nobody likes that! How am I supposed to talk normal when I'm sweaty on the head!?

Like, last night I was showing a couple cartoons on a stage and talking about them and boom! I was sweaty on the head. Gross! Makes me look nervous and sweaty on the head. And the other day I had a meeting and I rushed to get there and I was sweating on the head and I was like, 'Stop sweating! Nobody likes the sweaty head guy!' Big bald sweaty head walking into a room? An immediate C-!

I'm not sweaty on the head all the time. I feel like it's just a matter of degrees to make me sweaty on the head. Like if it's 86 I'm sweaty on the head but if it's 84 I'm not sweaty on the head. I can feel it.

I don't sweat under my arms at all or anywhere else. It's all sweaty on the head. Like a dog's tongue. But head instead. And I don't like it.

ok bye!

PS. Wait. Why did this fall down again?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Epstein's Perv

So last night I went out to see this comedy show called 'Mortified' which has people go on stage and read from their teenage journals or showing embarrassing old videos from puberty years or whatever. Mortifying stuff. And I started to wonder if I had any embarrassing stuff to read from or whatever. I know I have this old diary but I was just trying to think up other stuff or whatever. And bing bang boom! I remembered something weird and creepy that I haven't thought about in years! Not really something good for their show but maybe a good story of sorts. Or maybe not. You can decide. Here tis:

When I was growing up, we would go to this place called 'Epstein's' to get school clothes. They were big on Levi's jeans like 30% off and button down shirts and rugby type shirts. Discounty school clothing store basically. All my friends would get dragged their by their mom once or twice a year to stock up.

Anyway, Epstein's had this dressing room that was just like one big room with benches and a curtain. Not private. And people would awkwardly change clothes in there while pretending there's nobody else in the room. Twas always sort of weird but whatever.

One time, I walked into the back with some jeans to try on and there was only one guy in there. Older guy. He was just standing in there by himself not changing clothes or anything. I remember thinking that maybe he was a security guard or something.

I felt weird about it but I started changing into the new jeans in front of him. And I could tell he was looking at me all creepy stylee. He wasn't doing or saying anything. Just standing there. Maybe he was waiting for someone? After a few minutes, he walked up to me and didn't say anything but handed me a business card and then rushed out of the room.

Standing there in my tighty whiteys, I looked at the card trying to figure out what it was. All it had was a full name and phone number. No business. No logo. No street address. Just a name and number. My 14 year old brain wasn't really smart enough to add up what it was about-- but I knew it just super wernt right. Way. So I dropped the card and headed out to find my mom.

I didn't say anything about what happened because... I didn't know even what to say. It was all so weird and I was a kid and I knew it was a creepy bad thing that I just hadn't fully processed yet. Maybe subconsciously I knew my mom would have gone berserk in the store and trashed the place and probably eventually would have had to be shot with a dart and it would have been a whole thing. I might not have been in the mood for a whole scene like that.

Plus, I probably just wanted to get out of there and go home and play video games-- and work on blocking it out... for like the next 20 years or so.

ok bye!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pictures for the Week


I took some pictures! Wanna see em? Click HERE!

ok bye!


PS. Nik sent in his song and first flash animation. Here tis if you wanna watch Cocaine Dream!

In & Out Burger, Pinkberry and Sunshine

Hey Y'all!

I just finished eating me up an In & Out Burger and man oh man are those things tasty! Friggin chompity chomp! People keep saying, "Gotta eat at In & Out! Gotta do it!" So I done did. In like two seconds that burger was gone and I wanted another. So good. And not gross McDonalds aftergross. Fries are just ok though. Nothing special there.

And I had Pinkberry the other day too. People been nagging me to eat that stuff so I done did. It was just ok. Tasted normal good. I mean, Really? Is that what all the hype was about? I like fruit. I like yogurt or whatever. But I didn't get why people were yelling at me insisting I eat the Pinkberry. But the burgers... man people wernt lying bout their deliciousness.

Anyway, I seen a movie tonight. Sunshine. You can read a review here if you wanna.

ok bye!

PS. Thanks again to everyone who donated to the Odd Todd Ducky Ducks! We raced to become the Number #1 fundraising team in the whole friggin thing! Coolio! Check it! In your face!! ummm.... other fundraising do-gooders?

PPS. Apparently the link to the Ratatooey review was broken. Tis now fixed here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Concert Scar Flashback

So on Friday night I headed out with friends to see Sonic Youth play at this place called the Greek Theater. It's this big outdoorsy type place with big trees all around and stuff. (outdoor shows! big caly advantage!) When I walked in, I saw that I had actually been in that place before-- like when I was like 24. It was a weird dejavoos. (I was in Los Angeles years ago bumming around after college with friends and we all decided to go see Steve Miller play.)

None of us had tickets but some dude swore it was easy to break in because it was an outdoor place. We just had to hop a fence. Simple! So like dopes, we drove there and hung around in the parking lot staring at the security guards all along the fence-- separating us from the concert. The looking at our leader dope like, 'Wtf?'

Apparently lots of us slackers had the same big idea. Dozens of dopes were in the parking lot hanging out looking to jump the fence. Security was looking back at us. I was ready to go home. All of a sudden, one dude went for it. He ran up to the fence and started climbing. Security guys tried to stop him as he clawed his way up. Then everyone bum rushed for the fences. Dozens of us. We are started scaling the 10-foot fence like monkeys. Security was overwhelmend. I threw myself over the top and went running through the woods with all the other dopes. We were all half drunk and whole stupid. The security guards yelled for us to stop but there was nothing they could do!

Then we ran into this umm... other fence. Our leader dope seemed surprised to see it there. He claimed it was new but it looked old. And it was like super tall with sharpy pointys at the top. Like when they don't close the links and just leave em open and pointy. And it was high. It seemed like maybe 40 or 90 feet high. (Or maybe 15 but it seemed way tall).

I remember thinking that if I friggin fall and break my neck going over this stupid fence then I'm gonna be remembered forever as the guy who broke his neck at a Steve Miller concert! Sneaking into a friggin Steve Miller concert! I was extra worried because I'm not all that nuts for Steve Miller and it would suck to have that label thrown on me to the grave. The guy who needed to see Steve Miller that badly. And paid for it.

But there I go climbing the big fence. It was friggin high and I was actually scared. And when I swung my leg over the top, I slashed my calf on a pointy-- totally gashing it open. Then I jumped down and sort of twisted my ankle on the landing. I was all f-ed up. And limped my way into the concert.

It was stupid to even be there. The place was sold out and it was all assigned seating everywhere. No place to just stand. I was bleeding into my sock and limping and sweaty and we wandered around to 'The Joker' looking for stray seats. Nothing. No matter where we went there were ushers and security harrassers keeping us for settling in stray seats. So we just bailed.

Anyway, I still have a scar on my leg from that day. (Which actually is the nice thing about some scars. They don't let you ever forget when you done did something stupido.)

Anyway, so that was that with that. Whatever! Sonic Youth put on a really good show! Noisy and jammy good with Kim Gordon dancing and spinning round all rock star fantastic. They did a coolio noise jam over a half-tuned radio that seemed to pick up Color Me Badd 'I want to sex you up' and Phil Collins 'You're in my heart' or something. They rocked and sounded excellente.

Of course, I was a blatant dope and left my stupid camera in the stupid car. I mentally punched myself in the face for 20 minutes or so when we first got there. I couldn't even listen to the show. So stupid!

If only leaving my camera behind would leave me with a good scar...

ok bye!


PS. So here are the terrible cellphone pics.

Here's the show! Look at the quality of that shot!

This looked sort of artsy coolio so there tis.

The back of the shirt message was directed at my camera in the car.

Coolio red smile?

The trees around this place were ammmazzing...

And then it was out to the car like cattle.

ok bye!

PS. Got this stuff on the way out. Twas the best popcorn I ever had!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Update on Stuff... and stuff

I can't believe I'm like over half-way done with this here trip! Twelve days and I'll be home to get my dog and see friends! (The trip back I have a 4-hour stopover in Vegas so I think I'm gonna head into town! That's enough time for me to lose everything, right?)

Anyway, I've been going to lots of meetings. Talking to people. Trying to do stuff. I'll letcha know if/when something comes of all that blah blah etc.

Coolio stuff this weekend! Tonight, I'm going to check out Sonic Youth perform Daydream Nation! Silver Rocket! And Sunday night, I'll be in the audience at the live taping for the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav! Yeah boyee! Bringing my red laser pointer and gym coach whistle!

Also, found the dry cleaners and my lost shirts. People suggested going through yellow pages and google or whatever to find locals but I just did the drive around and pray thing. And it totally worked! Favorite shirt is home safe and sound. Thanks for all the suggestions.

And thanks again to everyone who joined the Odd Todd Ducky Duck team. We hit our goal in 2 days! (still going for 1st place). It's all really for a good cause. So feel free to still join up of course! You can win a mill. CLICK HERE!

And that's it for now. No meetings today! I'm off with my camera to find something weird. More Roscoe pics soon I think. And I haven't seen Gilbert around at all.

Good vibes to y'all!


PS. That spinning woman down there is an optical illusion... I think. This thing is kinda coolio too. And if you're really super bored you can watch My Super Ex-Girlfriend here-- but I think you gots to be pretty friggin bored...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Odd Todd's Ducky Ducks! Year 5!


It's the fifth year of Odd Todd's Ducky Ducks! Every year they float/race rubber ducks down the East River and raise money for Special Olympics! So I'm like Captain of the Ducky Duck team and want to help raise some funds for a good cause etc...

If you buy a duck-- your duck will be in the race! Only $5!

Odd Todd's Ducky Duck people have won prizes before! Maybe you'll get lucky this year? You can win a million bucks if you get superduper lucky! Or airline tickets for 2 to the Caribbean! Other stuff too! Coolio!

So there! It's only $5.00 for a duck! And it's fun and stuff and all that. Donate if you can, please. You can list yourself with a nickname if you wanna. CLICK HERE!

Thanks y'all!


PPS. Spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lost My Shirt(s) in LA

So the other day I was driving around and I had a few shirts in the car with me to drop off at the dry cleaners. I didn't really know where there was a dry cleaners-- but I figured I'd pass one somewhere round here. But I'm driving around and driving around and doing other errand this and little errand that- but not finding a dry cleaners! I was like, 'What's with this town?! Laundromats only?! WTF?'

Finally, out of the corner of my eye I spy a dry cleaners! Phew. I pull over right in front and go in with my shirts and drop em off and get the ticket thing. Back in car. Head straight home. Final errand done!

Today before I headed out I remind myself to pick up my dry cleaning. I looked in my wallet for the ticket. No ticket. I look in my pile of receipts and crap. No ticket. Pants pockets, shirt pockets, car floor, car in between seats, in the book I'm reading, through the trash, between magazines, NO TICKET! No ticket! I'm like, 'Fruck! What happent to the ding dang ticket?! The lady will have to just...'

Then it dawned on me. That isn't the bad part. Not at all. The bad part is I have no friggin idea where the actual dry cleaners is! None! I wouldn't even know where it is if I actually knew where it was! I don't know where I'm going! I was driving around all over the place and just pulled over all super fast and ran in and ran out! I didn't pay attention for one second! I had the ticket after all!

It was on a big street. I know that. Right? (My favorite shirt!) I think there was a Wendy's? Maybe? Venice! Or was it more La Cienga? Or not? Oh! I think there was one of those crazy blowy creatures with the wavy arms and big smiley face you see in front of used car places... nearby it... or was that... not...

So that's where it stands. I'm just going to take a deep breath for now and relax knowing that my shirts are in a one mile radius. (Right?) That I do know. (I think.) And I'm sure if I just keep my eyes open while driving around, I'll recognize it. Definitely. That's all. I never forget a store... face. That I know for a fact!

Although I'm not sure why I believe me when I say that...

ok bye! (shirts)

Wacky Headspinny New Film Dream

So I just woke up with a kooky dream in my head and I'm writing it down now before it fragments up and I forget it. I haven't even made coffay yet.

OK, I was working in some sort of techie lab or something where they invented a camera that would record at a superduper fast speed. Like a million gazillion frames every second crazy fast or whatever. And we (I don't remember who the others were in 'we') set up the camera to record the first million gazillion frames per second type video in the cafeteria of the lab. The cafeteria was my cafeteria from high school. (are all weird dream settings set in high school?)

The camera looked like an old-style camera and for whatever reason it ran on regular film not digital or whatever. And we recorded people sitting at the tables and eating and stuff. Then we went back to watch the film everything looked superduper slow motion or whatever because it was a million gazillion frames every second.

But when we looked at the frames we saw that zipping around everyone in the cafeteria lighting fast were these creatures with blurry faces. Couldn't tell if they were good or evil or what. They were sort of like gaseous greenish and they were definitely involved with us. They would touch us.

And we all sort of freaked out staring at them-- and then went off to see if we could slow the film down even more...

That was it. Sort of reminding me of some movie from something maybe? Or a Star Trek? A King book? Or maybe not. I dunno. Maybe just being around in this movie world is getting in my head.

Any interpreters out there?

Good vibes to y'all!


PS. This video made me smile...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Roscoe Update...

Here's the latest from Roscoe world:

Hi, Todd -

Roscoe's doing really well! He's totally holding up to extended boarding, and has completely adjusted to the routine: play, eat, sleep, repeat. The Australian Cattle dog Stella (his needy stalker) has gone home, so Roscoe's free to whoop it up with his boys and get crazy and wrestle, etc. He spent all morning running through the pool and then buzzing a dog named Buddy, trying to get him to chase. He runs up all crazy-ed to Buddy, then jumps on him and jumps back really quickly into a play bow, then runs away again. Then through the pool again. He's honestly one of the best boarders ever, because he's just so adaptable and happy and easygoing. Not too barky, not timid, not picky about eating. I'll try to give him a bath before you pick him, though, because he's not too worried about staying clean, either.


Can't believe this used to be Roscoe...

PS. I saw Mike Tyson yesterday sitting outside some place on Sunset Blvd. Was way too scared to take a picture.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Rat, a Lizard, and a Duchovny

So last night I went out to see Ratatouille and I just finished typing up a review for it talking about how I have some sort of new found respect for rats. I walk into the kitchen and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move fast. I was like AHHH!!! Something moved! Rat! Rat!! (I realized my 'respect for rats' thing was total BS).

But it wasn't a rat. Or a big bug. It was a little lizard guy. He seemed nice. His name is Gilbert and he is my temporary pet until I get home to see Roscoe. I was happy it wasn't a rat or mouse or bug. Lizards I can live with fine.

Here's a picture of Gilbert hanging out under the washing machine:

Also yesterday I was here minding my own business when someone knocked on the door. He handed me a card telling me he worked for Showtime for some show called 'Californication' starring David Duchovny. He was scouting out locations to shoot the show and wanted to shoot in this house! I called the people who own this place and they were cool with it. ($1500 for a half-day!) So maybe next week David Duchovny will be here filming his tv show! LOL! Random.

But probably not. They probably are scouting out all over the place... but ya never know... I letcha know.

Anyway, here's a review for the Ratatouille movie. Click here!

ok bye!

PS. Here's Gilbert zoomed in on. Uh. Umm... yeah.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Cause to Celebrate!

...a new Mr. Deng dairy is here!!

Click here!

Click here!

PS. You don't know Deng? The Deng Archive is here too.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Venice Beach Pictures!

Hey! I took some pictures this morning down at Venice Beach! And I done posted em up!

Click here to check em out!

Good vibes to y'all!

(be extra careful today. tis friday the 13th...)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

First Celeb Sighting

So last night I went to go meet a friend for a drink at some fancy hotel. (Friggin ridiculous $8 for a stupid beer but they had free wasabi peas so I kinda felt like it balanced out because I ate the whole bowl.) Anyway, I got there a little early and was sort of hanging out in the lobby sending text messages like a big dork.

All of a sudden the elevator doors open and a couple walking a dog step off the elevator. Seeing a dog made me miss Roscoe. I wondered what kind of dog it was. I thought it was cool that the dog is allowed in the hotel. It was sort of smallish. Maybe a schnauzer or something. I wondered what Roscoe was doing. I thought about dogs.

Then I noticed that the dog was being walked by like a friggin tall beautiful blonde in heels. I felt shame for noticing the stupid dog before the girl. It proved I have a real problem with dog obsession-- if I stared at the dog first, yknow.

Then I hear the guy she's with say, 'Hey Tah...' Or at least that's what it sounded like to me. I look up and I see... (drumroll) it's James Woods! Dressed in a suit! I looked at him and he looked at me. Hey Tah? I was like, 'Did James Woods just call my name?' But he was talking to someone who was right by me. Some dude. Tom maybe. Whatever. They started talking.

I had been texting and had my phone out so I considered taking a cellphone photo but I got embarrassed. The lobby was echo-ey and my phone makes that clicky flash camera noise and it was just us in the lobby and... I chickened out. I didn't want to be that guy. But next time I will be!

After he spoke to 'Tom' for like five minutes or whatever. He headed out with blondy and doggy in tow.

I might have missed it but I don't think he even introduced the girl to "Tom". She didn't say anything for sure. And as they walked away she sort of blurted over her shoulder, 'Nice to meet you!'

But I don't think she really personally met anybody actually.

I'll try to be more paparazzish next time but I found a picture of the happy couple on the web.

Here go James Woods and the blonde. Apparently she's 20. He's like...

ok bye!


PS. Couple more Roscoe pics came in! Look how dirty! Fresh stinky mutt out of the pool and being all fightery dog. I better get home soon. He's looking ruff!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just Do It! (later)

So I have a lazy bad habit. I'll procrastinate on the smallest friggin things and lately it's been getting on my nerves. Like, I'll walk by my cellphone that is half-charged and remind myself to plug it in later. I just can't do it at that moment. Or if I see my keys in a weird place I'll say, 'Hey! Dope! You're gonna forget your keys are there. You better put them in a safe spot... later.' Changing the roll of toilet paper takes days. Calling the cable company to complain about a $5.00 charge I didn't deserve? Two week turnaround time.

Anyway, when I'm at home in Brooklyn, I have a kitchen the size of a closet. And every morning I drink like a pot of coff-ay. I make the coffee. Pour the coffee. I take the milk out of the fridge, pour it in the coffee, and then put the milk back in the fridge. Sit at computer. Stare and sip.

But in this Caly place it's not a closet kitchen. It's regular size. With the fridge like all the way across the room. We're talking four maybe six whole steps away!

So this morning I made the coff-ay. Got the milk. Poured it in. And I was about to walk to put the milk back in the fridge when the procrastin-voice in my head said, 'Wait up. Hold up. Don't hike all that way to the fridge. Just put the milk back later. You're coming back here for more coffee in ten minutes, right? So why not just leave the milk out on the counter? Nothing wrong with the milk being a little less cold too!' That kind of made sense. I left it out.

I drank a cup of coffee and went back for the second cup. Had the exact same conversation in my head about putting the milk back. I started to get nervous it was going to curdle in all of 15 minutes. My voice told me I was being ridiculous. Said milk doesn't turn that fast. I wasn't sure. The voice called me a "milk pussy". (I scrunched my eyebrows at the sound of that term). But I left it out.

Third cup of coffay. Now I got serious about putting the milk away. And the voice said, 'Whoa whoa! Take it easy. You just poured a new cup. Relax. You're going to put that empty cup in the sink in like five minutes, right? When you clean up everything. Just put the milk away then. Yknow. All in one swoop. Throw out the grinds. Wash the cup. Wash the pot. Put away the milk. It's a plan. It's called cleaning up. Do it later.' And it made sense to me. I shrugged and left it on the counter.

Needless to say I went out for the day. Never washed out the cup nor the pot. I just got back after being out for six hours. Walked into the kitchen. Threw the keys on the counter. Saw the milk. Looking all sweaty and warm. I stared at milk. Shook my head. Procrastin-voice laughed. Called me names. I questioned myself. I touched the milk. It still felt kinda sorta cool-ish so I finally put it back in the fridge. Maybe six hours didn't kill it? Who knows.

I'll find out tomorrow.

Then I'll look for my keys...

ok bye!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Best Buy Busted

I have no sense of direction. Zero. I still get lost in Manhattan and I've lived in and around New York my whole life. In LA it's way worse. I'll ask directions from someone and they'll say, 'OK. Drive west on Venice Blvd...' And I'll be like, 'Which way is west?' and they'll be like, "Toward the ocean...' And I'll be like, 'Where's the ocean?' Then they just stare at me.

So I've been driving around totally lost probably 30-35% of the time I've been here. This place is just too sprawling! I have no landmarks drive toward or away from! I don't read the magnetic pull right or something. Bottom line is I badly need GPS in my car. I'm like supposed to be going to meetings and stuff! I can't rely on my stupid brain to tell me when to turn! GPS devices have a semi-sexy confident lady telling me when to turn. My brain GPS sounds like a drunk idiot who constantly second guesses himself!

Anyway, the other day while driving along all lost and I passed by a Best Buy and a lightbulb in my head lit up. I realized if you buy something from Best Buy they gotta have a 30-day return policy or something. Right? My plan was to buy a fancy GPS and then return it at the end of the month before I go home! Boom! Good idea! The perfect crime! I get GPS for nuttin! It's a big corporation so whatever!

I strut into the Best Buy and walk right up to the GPS display case. There was one for $299. One for $399. One was like $599. The Best Buy dude comes up and starts talking to me. And like a big shot I told him I'll take the one for $599. Like all whatevery like I'm rich or whatever. He opens the case and takes it out.

As we're walking to the register counter he says, 'I need to let you know. Best Buy policy with GPS devices is 14-day return policy with a 15% restocking fee. '
I was like, 'Wait. What? There's a what with fee what what?' He was like, '15% restocking fee... 14-day.'

In my head I did the math and realized it was gonna cost me like $197 for two weeks of GPSness! That didn't work with my plan scam! Total doh! I shamefully told him I was going to rethink things. He said, "You do that..." (sort of snottily but I didn't blame him. he probably gets commission on stuff and if I return it he prob doesn't etc). No GPS for me :-(

So I say, 'Kudos to you, Best Buy. Bravo on your smart policy which Heismans dickheaded scammers like myself. Well played, Best Buy. I tip my hat. Well played, sir....'

But you haven't heard the last of me! I get something for nothing out of this town somehow! You watch and see!

ok bye!

PS. I added a frappr thing at the bottom of this page if you wanna see- scroll.

Roscoe Update II

Heading out for a while but wanted to give you a Roscoe update. (No new pics in yet). I'll type more words bout stuff in general when I get back.

Hope y'all are well...

Here's the latest from Dog camp:

"Roscoe's fantastic! He definitely snoozed away for most of the day on Sunday -- he must have need to recuperate. But he was back to his normal, playful self today. It's very hot out, so he's spent all day in the pools and sprinkler, with the occasional turn inside to take advantage of the A/C. Doesn't really care much for indoor play, though -- he's an outdoors-y dog.

Roscoe has a girlfriend/nemesis named Stella (Australian Shepard), who has decided that he's the ONLY dog she wants to play first, he liked all the attention. But four days in a row of being constantly shadowed by Stella is starting to annoy him. You can sense that he wants to ditch her, but he's too nice to really tell her off...mostly he just tries to ignore her. She still loves him though, and is always cuddling up to him.

Will send more pics when Todd gives me the disc...


(Todd is another Todd who works there and is taking the pics)


PS. Here's a Willy update from bbq friends too.

"we forgot to tell you the best part of the willy story, which evan's comment reminded me of. willy, apparently, is being used by a psychic healer who called robin to ask her permission to use willy as one of her healer beings, and as of about a year ago, he'd already healed several people."

(Only in LA, kids, only in LA...)

Monday, July 9, 2007

I Met a Goat Named Willy

You can see and read about him here.

More stuff soon!

ok bye!


PS. Just saw this video and liked it.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bored today?

Hey if you're bored today...

Here's that mysterious trailer I saw the other night all terrible qualityfied...

and here's a semi-awesome video to watch. sort of dylan meets zombie on ice (with maybe some michael madsen/peter falk type face?)... or something? totally top 40 hit... on opposite day! Gotta dig it tho! groovy.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Transformers and Roscoe


The first couple Roscoe pictures have come in! Lots more to come apparently. Coolio! Here he is looking all fresh and smelly right out of the pool!

Also I seen the Transformers movie last night and wrote review thing bout it.

Check it out here if you wanna!

ok bye!

PS. I also found out that Hellmann's mayo out here isn't called 'Hellmann's'... it's called "Best Food's" west of the rockies. Weird.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Late Boyfriend Info

So anyway, last night I was invited by a friend to a July 4th BBQ party. Twas one of those things out here where someone opened up their house to a bunch of people. It was high up and there was a deck with a pretty coolio view so you could see fireworks going off in different parts of the city across the skyline. It looked cool but something about it looked like fake. Like someone with a fireworks program was dropping them here and there on this photoshopped cityscape. Alot of this city looks like a movie backdrop. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing things off in the distance...

Anyway, I'm at this party trying to not spill/break anything or say something accidentally offensive or stupid nor expose myself as being uncomfortable while concentrating on not slouching. I'm sort of hanging out in the corner by the grill trying to make friends by offering to cook food that isn't mine. (This was later at the party when grill sort of got abandoned and stuff). And this girl came up and asked what was cooking.

We started chatting about stuff and she seemed nice or whatever. An actress girl or something. I told her that I was staying in town out in Culver City. And that I left my dog behind in Brooklyn. Told her about my big debate about flying my dog. She was a dog person too. I started thinking it was going well and she had nice boobs and stuff. I didn't think she wanted to actually make out or anything but she seemed to be flirty and it was nice to think about. We were chatting for like 20 minutes and I asked her how she ended up at the party

... she told me she was here with her boyfriend. He was over there.

I was like, 'Oh! That's cool....' (for you). But I just felt like there should have been an earlier heads up to the boyfriend thing. Like it should go out within the first 10 minutes of conversation at a party. Especially if the guy is like right over there. Just so there's a context in our conversation. That context being 'You're not gonna get to squeeze my boobs never ever so don't even think about it because my boyfriend is over there and he'll punch you in the eyeball' type context.

Whatever. She was nice and it was nice to have a nice conversation and I would have talked to her anyway of course because I'm nice... but maybe throw out that piece of information a little sooner? Just so I know where I stand... (which was being the slouchy gork standing by the grill entertaining some guys girlfriend).

ok bye!


PS. The pictures of the guy on the tarmac were not 'dead guy' pictures. I did see him move when the paramedic lady came over.

PPPS. Here's a weird thing about a bee thing. Here.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pictures and Fried Chicken

Happy 4th of July y'all! Don't drink and drive! And aim away from face!

Ok! I'm finally back online and all hooked up! Phew. (btw what a bad call shipping my whole tower out here. I got blindsided by UPS ripping me off and it was too late to do anything else because I had to catch a plane. I don't want to talk about it. FUPS!)

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures and stuff and you can look at them here if you wanna. Much more to come!

Things are coolio out here in Culver City. I had some awesome fried chicken with a friend of mine. Totally friggin chomp. From this here place. Total good chompnicity. And I poked at an iPhone for the first time. Sort of way friggin coolio. Gotta admit. But the nerds in the Apple store looked like they were all zooming on iMeth.

Other than that, I'm getting myself organized and unmentalizing getting used to being in a new place and this weird blog thing and sleeping in a new bed and figuring out where all the new TV channels are. RoscoeCam is live again too!

Now that my computer's back and I'm promise (fingers crossed behind my back) these blogs won't be so boring and random.

ok bye!


PS. Thanks for letting me know the new npr piece is music-less. I'm checking into it. PPS. Roscoe update from Doggie Day Care in the comments section...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

First West Coast Post

Hey Y'all!

I'm totally in California! Totally only got here three hours later than I thought! We sat on the runway for three full hours before take off! Awesome! Free extra time on the plane! No charge or nothing! Bonus! I watched that movie The Number 23 before we even took off. Man, did that movie suck. (plus it made me try and look for the number 23 in everything which double sucked because I don't know how to add. I'd be like, 'We're on flight 1893. 1+8+9+3!! Holy smokes that's 23!... no wait...'

But being stuck on the plane that long confirmed that not flying Roscoe was the best thing. Because after they shut off the AC to save gas, I would have totally tried to hijack the plane while it was still on the ground demanding the release of my dog... or else...I dunno... I'd make an egg fart or something.

Anyway, got lots of pictures already (including an injured worker lying on the tarmac at JFK) and some other stuff. I'll post pictures soon along with some other stuff. I know this new homepage is a little weirdish right now. But think about how I feel! I'm in some strange house, in a strange place I've never been, and I don't have my dog to not protect me! So you have it easy!

Yes, the old homepage will return laters- but if you're looking for something specific check The "BIG" archive listed under the Archive listing on the sidebar and stuff. It's all there. Oh, also Part 4 of that Carbon cartoon series is up at if you wanna go lookat that too.

I'm going to take a shower because I'm all airplane gross.

Mo later!

ok bye!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bloggy Blog Entry Me Type Words Here Now


I guess this is my first official 'blog' post thing in a blog type format on a bloggy blog type page. Blog. Blog blog. Uch. I've never liked the word 'blog'. It sounds like some sort of mutant raisin or something. But it rhymes with frog so I guess it can't be all bad. I like frog.

Anyway, so what's the dilly here? Well, gonna do something differenty-ish while I'm away (In LA from 7/2-8/2). I'll try to update this here main page with something or other every day. I'll type some things that will be like bloggy type updates and other things that will be What's Happening type thingees and stuff. At least that's the plan with that. I'll type up movay reviews too. (Psyched for rat movie)

I won't have a scanner and stuff so Daily Scan will be on hiatus and gonna take a break from Daily TV Facts because TV is boring in the summer-- but if I learn something coolio I'll post it.

I'm gonna have my camera and take a ton of pictures and video! There's this coolio slideshow thing over on the sidebar there. And I'll put up full regular pages of pictures w/ captions etc..

RoscoeCam will still be live and I'll point it around at stuff or out the window or whatever. Roscoe is staying at doggie day care (I chickened out on flying him) and that place has a big outdoor space and a big plastic pool and stuff so he'll be fine. Someone who works there said they're gonna take pictures of him and send em over--- so maybe we'll get updates from Roscoe's world too. Depending on how much of a friggin annoying Dog Dad I wanna be.

Anyway, while I'm out West I'm gonna talk to people bout stuff and hang out with friends and drive around and look at things and eat some stuff. So don't know what to expect exactly (nor totally know why I'm going) but that's where I'll be!

I'm shipping my whole computer tower out there (please dont get lost please dont get lost) so I might be offline for a day or so until I get stuff hooked up and stuff-- but next entry on this here page will be from Carifornya! Coolio!

So, poke around at this here new blog page and you'll see what's going on with the dilly. It's all summery and stuff! Feel free to post comments or suggestions below.

Thanks to Jeannie for helping me set this page up!

Now I actually have to go pack and finally accept the fact that I'm actually leaving tomorrow in real life. It hasn't totally sunk in yet. Let's see how many things I can totally forget! Cellphone charger is the front runner so far!

Good vibes to y'all!


Research for LA

Oh also, I've been doing some research about how to act cool and hip in LA and stuff. This is gonna be totally me!