This turkey's name is The Almighty Turkey of Stuff. 
I made it by putting my hand on the computer screen and tracing it with the cursor. 
(Sorry about the big image size. I have big hands. But it's good for using as your desktop wallpaper.) 
I don't recommend doing this unless you don't mind cleaning your monitor afterward.

About the turkey: AToS is clearly not too bright, as all turkeys are. It is having a staring contest with a shotgun.

About myself, because you asked: 
My name is Vincent C, and I hope to start a computer game company, become a rock star, or both. 
I can sing, and I can talk in a really high squeaky voice. 
I also hope to create a website like yours, only about myself and without animated cartoons. 
Although if I ever learn how, I may make cartoons too.