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About Me

thats how my dad looked after i left the froozoo open all night! he was PISSED! SORRY DAD !LOL!

Welcome 2 Gloonork's Personal Page!
My dad is cool! He's working on the big Condoiztion  project for the Department of the Condo Complexitor. He's been really stressed out lately because someone forgot to do something and they had to add like 50,000 years onto the condoization of Earth! Whatever I hope it never gets done! That planet looks like it sucks! My mom sometimes fights with my dad because she says there are things living there and we shouldn't put condos there. But my dad says the things that live there don't have brains! Whatever! If we do have to go there they better have some geysers! BIG TIME! After they put the sun out I mean! My sister thinks she's cool! But she like Seehomewand crud like that! She once locked me in the hoztifer and my mom took away her gloert!

I don't have a pet because the last ziw we had named Loppma went crazy and ran off into a sloopit and died. 

Here's a picture of my sister getting out of the glerter! LOL!

I one ate 3 slices of frozen glug on a bet! It wasn't worth it! TRUST ME!

I am half-Slork! My mom is a slork! It was a big deal when my parents got married but now it's not a big deal anymore!

I have a colection of over 17  Seektolks! Erf only has 6. I'm thinking about giving him one for his birthday! There's one that I'm not too crazy about but he seems to like it and the colors! Sorry to spoil the surprise ERF!


I'm gonna add a family tree soon and a guest book so you can write me stuff! 

Here's a picture of Loppma before he went crazy and ran into the sloopit! 

Hobbies & Interests
Hi! My name is Gloonork! And I live on Triton! I'm 140 and I am making a whole webpage about me! LOL! Heres a list of things I like to do:

- My favorite thing is to ride the ice geysers! I cut ice better than pretty much everyone in my class except Rovook. Rovook definitely kicks my ass because he can do a tripple xop! I tried that once and almost broke my flork. My mom is now paranoid everytime I go up on geysers that I'm gonna come back with a broken flork. Just like my friend Erfot did. But I tried to tell my mom that shes paranoid and that Erf is a big dweeb and he could break his flork chasing a one-legged stimer! LOL! Sorry Erfer but everyone knows you're a clutz! ROFL! And don't worry bout me mom! I learned my lesson last time I tried to do a tripple xop! Until next time... shhh. Don't tell my mom! LOL!


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I like to draw circles and zoids into the side of the rizwor shine. I know lots of people draw circles and zoids there but I think my circles are the best! My zoids need some work but my circles are #1! Ask anyone! I like listening to my favorite band Roozool RAWKS! My dad says it sounds like icicles scraping on zor. But he hasn't really listened! My sister likes Seehomew! EW! THE MEW IS EW! LOL!