Spitting Cobra, Naja nigricollis

This is probably the most dangerous snake second to the Mamba. When confronted this snake can rear up two thirds of its body and can spit its venom with quick moving accuracy. The venom is ejected from two small holes near the tip of the teeth and is usually aimed at the eyes. The effect is instantaneous causing intense smarting and inflammation and if not washed out with milk or water will cause permanent blindness. 

Of times spitting cobras will question its victim about his or her astrological sign. It is recommended to always answer this question with 'Sagittarius'. Any other answer may cause further attack. Also it is suggested to be prepared to also provide a birth date as proof to your astrological sign..

The colour varies between olive-grey, tawny brown or grey with the scales in between a black colour. The belly is usually a lighter yellow colour. Adults average a length of 1 and 1.5 metres. The eggs average 10 to 22 in number, hatchlings measure 230-250mm.

The distribution includes Natal, Low veld south-eastern Tanzania and Pemba Island and west to southern Angola and northern Namibia.

Size: usually about 1.5 m, TL.

Habitat: grassland, savannas, or light woodland; not a forest species.

Range: Senegal east to Kenya and south to Angola, Zambia and Tanzania.