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I am in customer service and I am really annoyed at people who call in and never let me get a word in edgewise!  I canít help you if you donít shut up to let me work!  And please, PLEASE donít repeat yourself after a long diatribe!  It only makes me more annoyed and less likely to go the extra mile for you.  Just tell me whatís wrong and SHUT UP!


I'm annoyed by the whole convention process.  As the great philosopher Buffalo Springfield observed, "They mostly say 'Hooray for our side!'"  How about some ideas, folks?  People are suffering.
The irony of all of this is that I've been a dyed-in-the-wool conservative my whole life, and I've gone liberal (maybe even a litte <gasp> socialist!) as I've aged.  Isn't is supposed to happen the other way?


My annoyance is my boss!

I had my issues with my old boss, but in general she was professional
and got things done.  She dealt with people well, and supported us
worker drones.  But she had to move, and the owner of the business
decided he could run the place himself in addition to owning it.  So he
took the reins.

Thus began a two-year downhill slide.  He's very disorganized, leaving
great stacks of confidential information around.  The guy can't deal
with people.  He is aloof, has trouble connecting, and clearly has to
'play act' the part of the concerned or affable guy.  He has a hard time
convincing people our services are great (which they are!), so he
compensates by making huge promises that we can't possibly fulfill. 
Then a while later, clients get annoyed and leave when we can't do what
Boss Idiot promised.  Boss Idiot also avoids regular conferences with
clients (which are mandated by the company, and really do help with
keeping clients and improving communication), and when he does do
conferences he is sometimes woefully unprepared.  He tries to get us
worker drones to 'sit in' on these meetings, when it was specifically
stated upon hire that we don't have to.   Boss Idiot also cut down on
some very necessary administration in an attempt to save money.  He let
one administrator go, cut one back to part time, and replaced the
missing admin with his wife.  When our office assistant left for
college, Boss Idiot brought in his polite, sweet, and totally
unqualified teenage daughter.  She can answer the phones okay, but is
easily overwhelmed by the busy workload.  She is clumsy, and routinely
falls on her ass, dropping stacks of files, books, and materials.  We
never have the supplies and information we need now that she's working.

Then we found out that Corporate was coming to audit our branch.  The
administrators were running around like chickens sans heads.  I went on
with my work, because I knew from prior experience that we worker drones
were doing fine.  I knew what the auditors would look for, and we were
already doing those things.

Result? The auditor came and observed work, looked at records, all that
good stuff.  And she said the worker drones were doing great, that Boss
Guy was lucky to have such qualified and talented staff.  However, she
wrote up Boss Guy for gross non-compliance on multiple things.  He has
six months to correct the egregious problems in record-keeping, client
conferences, administrative training, and office cleanliness.  I am
pretty sure that if we don't pass the second time, Corporate will remove
his 'boss' status and replace him.

So this annoyance got its due justice! I will enjoy watching Boss Idiot
try to get his shit together and repair two years' worth of damage in
six months' time!! Meanwhile, I can sit back and do my job...and update
my resume.


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