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I'm pissed! At UPS! Exclamation!
I was told my shipment would be in on Friday, between 9 am and 7 pm. I am getting computer parts and devoted my whole weekend to creating a new pc. But NO! 7pm rolls around and no parts! They have been 'In transit' since Thursday, 6 PM - from a city that is 3 hours away. 3 hours! Now I MIGHT get my parts on Monday, and have to wait till Friday to use them (I use my computer for my job and it must wait till Friday in case I screw something up). It's like waiting for Christmas, just Santa might show up some time on the 25, and if he gets drunk and misses his deadline- you have to wait until the following week. JERKS!

I'm also pissed at tree stumps. They are extremely difficult to remove. But not as pissed, because it's their nature.


PS - I've attached a pic of my puppy Harley (right) and his bud Duncan (left). Harley is a 10 week old boxer-bulldog, and Duncan doesn't count :P.


I'm a student at the University of Nevada, Reno and I have to say that the people who live over in White Pine hall are NOISY!  I try to read or listen to my tunes and all I hear is WOOOOO YEAH!!!!  The worst part is that the resident assistants are supposed to be the ones to go out and stop people from being real obnoxious at night when people are sleeping or trying to get work done.  Yet all I see is them either looking the other way or even participating in it!

Once I had to go down personally to an offending room where they were holding an "approved party" to yell at them to turn down the music so I could sleep!  This is college, I half expected people to get a life and grow up here but apparently people are obnoxious and loud no matter the age or situation!

I pay to live on campus so I can have quiet and easy access.  Some people ask "Why don't you just move somewhere else then?"  Its cause I refuse to be pushed around by the same obnoxious jerk offs that used to bully me in high school.  No, never, this is where I draw the line in the sand.  Its not promoting justice and equality if people can be obnoxious and loud if they cuddle up to the RA's.  When I make noise complaints about people running around in the middle of the night chasing each other and shouting I expect an RA to yell at them.  Yet everyone has this weird attitude that some well directed discipline wouldn't fix anything!

Further, they are supposed to be a substance free dorm but I've seen more than my share of beer cans in the trash over there.  I'm more than positive that the place would become a lot quieter if you did something simple on the lines of enforcing the rules that are in the contract that everyone must agree to in order to have a room.  At this rate I might just start having to write to the school newspaper about it in order to bring some notice to the problem.  I'm paying for this service, so why is everyone so uncaring and insensitive about my need of decent sleep and quiet time?  Isn't the point of getting somewhere to sleep supposed to be so you can sleep? 



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