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My annoyance is people who have weird food allergies/preferences and expect restaurants to accommodate them. I don't work in a restaurant, so I'm sure it's worse for those folks who do. My annoyance is based on conversations and reading online reviews. I personally have a strange food allergy (chlorophyll) and find it tough to eat out at times. But do I hold all eateries responsible to cater to me? NO. No one can anticipate your needs, and it's not their obligation to either. What's even worse is if you chose to not eat certain foods (vegetarians and vegans) it is not the responsibility of the restaurant to provide options for you. You are in the minority first of all. Secondly, in many urban areas (like hippyville Seattle) there are a ton of specialty places for you. If you want to eat out, you eat what a chef has decided to prepare. Why don't you check out a menu online first? Or view a menu before eating there? Life is not a buffett, and if you want to eat tofu and grass, by all means do. Don't expect everyone to have a special option just for you. You're not a child, you don't get your own menu.

Sarah in Seattle


Hey, how's it going. Haven't been around these parts in a while. Layout is nice an the Tuesday specials are great. Okay, enouhg kissing ass, can I move on?

It is not because I lack a cell phone that I feel warranted to complain about their use or that since I am "sans" cell phone that I suffer some sort of electronic inferiority complex. I'm glad I don't have one so I don't have to be one of those people who get sideways stares as they talk about whatever they feel like talking about surrounded by their fellow commuters on transit.

Cell phones are great, don't get me wrong, they serve a great purpose. Rescuing someone who has crashed their car (probably while talking on a cell phone) or maybe even a quick message to tell someone that you will be home soon or the like, but do they really have to be used to break up with someone or have a fight with someone while sitting on public transit.

Few months back I'm on the SkyTrain here in Vancouver (picture a subway but elevated) and this girl is going off on her boyfriend (or so to be non-boyfriend) who's name was something like Tim. It could have been Tom or Butch for all I cared. What made matters worse was not the crying, the yelling, the ability to only hear one side of the argument (and believe me we heard it), it was the additional friend she had as back-up. Poor Tom (or was it Tony) not only has to defend his probably retarded actions with his soon to be ex-girlfriend but also has to survive the constant onslaught from the side friend. Oh and believe me, I'm doubtful that Tony wanted to get back together cause if this was the kind of friend that the girlfriend walked with he wouldn't have survived day one. She tore into him something awful without even being on the phone. I didn't know that many words existed in the human language, but guess what, I was learning them cause it wasn't like I could get away from the conversation.

So here we are, a hundred maybe hundred and fifty sleepy commuters going home after a hard day of playing on the internet, listening to this threesome of the wrong sorts. Is it too much to ask people that maybe you once in a while pop your head up and take a look around at who your audience might be? Perhaps, I don't know think for a second of an individual beyond yourself, your phone buddy and your psycho friend.

Yes cell phones are yours and they can be used as you see fit, but please for the love of god think a little bit about whether the conversation you are having is something that others wouldn't mind hearing. At east have a conversation about a threesome that we would be interested in. Or maybe have some phone sex while on the bus, at least that would be entertainment.



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