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Okay I want everybody to listen up and listen closely.
It is going to be 2010 very shortly. (Did you just pronounce this as 2000 and 10?)
I have kept my mouth shut for 10 years now.
I want everyone to stop saying 2000 and 9, 2000 and 8, 2000 and 10.
It's just 2009, 2008, 2010.  There is no and in between okay!!!
You say and when there is a decimal point in the number, $250.10.  That is two-hundred fifty dollars AND ten cents.
Didn't we all learn this in elementary school?
Again people, stop saying 2000 and whatever year you are going to say.


So here it is, the end of the year.  I just made it through finals, working my arse off, a few trips to the vet, last minute holiday shopping, and all I want to do is stare slack jawed at the TV and get away from it all.  BUT NOOOOOOO!

Apparently FOX Television and Time Warner Cable are fighting over money.  The cable company says FOX is asking for too much money.  FOX says that Time Warner is a bunch of money-grubbing cheap skates.  So they spend more money telling us about it.  GUESS WHAT!  I DON'T CARE!  I DON'T HAVE TIME WARNER!  Yet, I'm subjected to this nonsense anyways.  It won't affect my ability to watch FOX or its bundle of channels, but its important to both sides that I hear ALLLLLLLLL about it.
So, I would just like to say one thing to both of them: GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!

I already hate FOX, because back at the end of last year, they sold my cable company the rights to air all but about 25 local baseball games.  Those 25 were left out because the team was offering them to local channels instead of FSW.  But then FSW got those 25 anyways, and tried to hit my cable company up for more money after the contract was negotiated.  Because of this bullshit, my house missed those 25 games (and that made some people in the house hard to deal with on those days).
But now I strongly dislike Time Warner too, simply for dragging me into their fight needlessly.  Even if I lived somewhere that only had Time Warner as a cable choice, I'd tell them to stick it up their arse.

Oh, and what both sides isn't bothering to tell you, is that even if Time Warner and FOX fail to reach an agreement, PEOPLE CAN STILL WATCH FOX!!!!  They just have to get a $15 antenna.  And they'll get it for FREE!

Thanks for listening to my rant, tOddles.

Ruby from the DFB


I am annoyed at the fact that the heater is on in the gym.  Hello, it's
a gym!!! Why does the heat need to be on full blast? After 5 minutes on
the treadmill I went outside and walked. It was too hot inside. I
slipped on some frozen water and fell and wet myself in the parking lot.

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