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There’s someone in our office who talks baby-talk on the phone to her husband and uses the baby talk voice when talking to the pictures of her dogs on her screensaver. She also belts out songs from the 1970’s at random times throughout the day. And if she goes to do something (like say, clear the paper jam from the printer) she uses some strange foreign accent to narrate the process (“Lezz ze vaht ez ze pro-plem ‘ere..) UGH!

To top it off, she’s forgetful! And will go from one office to the next asking, “Oh, so what was I coming in here to do?”  Unfortunately I have to answer phones at my job…otherwise I’d keep my ipod in my ears all day



okay, what really annoys me is when poeple pernounce common mis-pernounced words like.
1. Garach, instead of garage
2. Olpen, instead of open
3. Pitcher, instead of picture
4. Packpack, intsead of Back Pack
5. Libary, instead of Librayery
6. And the one the gets to me the most....
 when poeple say Sammwich, instead of  Sandwich.
and one random annoyance, that retarted show "The Proud Family" on the disney channel. 


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