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So tonight I saw the in the UK they're going to start putting photographs of people or body parts or whatever that are all f-ed up from smoking right on the cigarette packs. Like gross lung or whatever. I guess that's fine. Maybe they should start doing that with all products though so we know what you can happen to you if you use the product. Like sugar cereals with all ratty teeth. Or beer bottles with big fat guy with puke on chest. Or Segway...  with a picture of an a-hole...

Speaking of assholes...

(no i don't think he's an a-hole)


TV told me today that superhero science geeks have been working really had to develop a real-life 'Spiderman Suit' for regular people. The suit will allow dorks to scale walls like Spiderman and crawls around and all that. That would really settle the 'who's better? Spiderman or Batman' debate at the next Comicon. Fat Spiderman dude up on a wall upsidedown making jokes while Fat Batman dude fumbles with some sort of fake grappling hook on his belt...Done and done.

Here's a full Spiderman comic you can read online. Coolio.


Today morning news dorks told me that some new parents are anti-diapers or something and they're potty training in a different way. Apparently they stare at their kid non-stop all day from day one and when it seems like they gotta poop or pee they throw the kid out in the yard like a dog or something. I don't know. Something like that. Maybe I watched it wrong.

Here's more info bout the 'Diaper-free' Movement. (lol movement...)


Today I found out that there's a camp for people... who see dead people. In the same way they have soccer camp or like American Idol camp or whatever- now there's like medium psychic creepy camp or whatever. Sounds great! Not! A summer camp filled with people who can see ghosts and stuff. Imagine being a counselor there? Some creepy kid telling me there's a dead old man wearing some kind of colonial outfit sitting at the foot of my bed right before I go to sleep? Pass...

Here's a brief history of Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp..


So today the news showed me some jerky kid spent like 5000 hours working to "unlock" his iPhone to work on other networks like T-Mobile or whatever. Yay? I guess that's an achievement of sorts... (Although a bigger achievement might the phone useable with a headset... or making it ring all the time when someone calls... or making internet work like it did in the Apple store... or keeping it from getting burning hot...  or putting some un-lame ringtones on it...or a single game... or... etc...? )

Here's some "crazy" lady.... Or is she?


Last night I watched my new favorest show called Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He was in Taiwan where apparently they're all nutso for something called 'Stinky Tofu'. It's like tofu that apparently smells like rotten old cheese. It's sold on the street like NYC hot dogs and people eat it up nonstop. He went to one place called Dai's House of Unique Stink which has the stinkiest tofu in the whole world and almost puked. He also ate a duck head. Most fun show on TV right now. Not Fear Factory. Just cultural weirdness.

Here's a stinky tofu story from some blog...


Tonite TV told me that science nerds are working away to create out-of-body experiences in laboratories. They said out of body experiences can someday have like virtual applications. Like eventually surgeons can project themselves into operating rooms and do surgery all out of body style. Not sure why with every coolio futurey advancement they immediately talk about how surgeons can use it to operate from across the world or whatever. Lazy surgeons. The only thing they haven't invented yet is a patient who wants a surgeon operating on them from friggin the other side of the world.

Here's a website about OBE's. Look at the design of this page! Craptastic!


So tonight I seen that coastline communities and like sub-sea level places are starting to get prepared for the next flood. New houses aren't just going to be on stilts or whatever. They're gonna be floatable. So when the tide comes in the regular old house will not flood-- but float around. I guess they stay tied to a post or whatever. When I was a kid I totally wanted to live on a boat... with an alligator named Elvis...  and drive a Ferrari.... and wear pink t-shirts and turquoise suits and...

Whatever. Not sure what these foreign houses are about really but here they are...


Tonight I watched a show called The Pick Up Artist on VH1 and he taught me a special technique for picking up chicks! I forget the setup but basically you have a girl clasp her hands together with her index fingers (first fingers) touching-- then have her separate the fingers. Then the pickup guy says something like, 'We should be together' and circles her two index fingers with one finger. Round and round. Eventually the fingers will go together this will prove it... or something like that. Try it...(not sure if I described it right).

Here are some finger butts.

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