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Tonight Katie Courivish told me that there's this 4x4 vehicle on the market called 'The Rhino' and she told me it is super flippable. Dudes driving it around like crazy seem to flip em all the time. Apparently, there's no safety regulations to oversee what's up with these vehicles. When the newspeople got in touch with Yamaha for a comment and find out wtf-- A Yamaha spokesperson said, "Hey! We don't give a shit if you flip our whatever-it's called-mobile-whatever. Eat shit. As far as we're concerned everyone can go f--k themself'. I got a huge wang. He has a huge wang. Everyone at Yamaha has huge wangs. Including the chicks. Now if you don't mind I have porn to watch..." Then he stormed off.

Here goes the Rhino...


So this morning the lady told me that some people are pushing for airlines to have all their seats have airbags for rough landings and stuff. First off that's never gonna happen because airlines can't afford to do anything anymore. But if they're gonna invest in something I think it should not an airbag that explodes in your face. I'd like an airbag that pops up all around you like a hamster ball. And make it like all fireproof and whatever so when a plane crashes it looks like a bunch of superballs with people inside bouncing away to safety... Just a thought.

Here's an airline safety FAQ...


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