August 2002


The smell of cinnamon buns might give guys a better boner. Also pumpkin pie. Maybe.  


Axl Rose prefers to perform with a guitarist who wears a frickin KFC bucket on his head... rather than Slash. 

Here's Buckethead. Here's Slash. And here's a rabbit in a paperbag.


So they say in 2025 they'll be planes that can go 10x the speed of sound so you can travel from LA to Tokyo in like 75 minutes. You'll be strapped to the inside wall of the plane as you zoom off to the edge of our atmosphere.. They'll give you motion sickness tablets so you don't barf when weightless- which would annoy other passengers.

If you have plans to join the five-mile high club- you might be sporting one of these. hee hee.


I saw a show about the hagfish. They're gross. They burrow into dead sea creatures and eat them from the inside out. Plus they secrete serious amounts of slime. If you made a list of god's creatures from the most beautiful to least. I think hagfish would be sliming up the bottom of that list- dead last.

I think these folks in British Columbia have too much time... I mean uh... 'slime' on their hands. (*apologies for the bad joke)


Today I learned about the 'Taos Hum'. Around Taos, New Mexico alot of people hear a low-pitched humming noise all the time. There's been all sorts of tests for the hum, but no instruments are able to find evidence of the noise. The hum hearers think the hum is due to secret government activity in the area. Tis weird. Does suck.

Here's what the hum sounds like.


I watched a techie show about alternative fuel for cars so we can stop using so much gasoline. They basically said electric cars have amazing potential and that solar powered cars have... "a long way to go". I don't know much about this stuff but that seems to be the case. 

Here's an electric car. And here's a solar powered car.


The Zoe Tribe in the Amazon have a tradition where new fathers have the backs of their calves cut with the 'tooth of a small rodent'. This is done to prevent laziness and hopefully make him a better hunter.  The Zoe are one of the few tribes left relatively untouched by Western culture.

But they still managed to get an IMAX deal. I wonder if they got points on the back end...


This year is the 100 year anniversary of the teddy bear. 'Teddy' most likely got his name from Teddy Roosevelt who while hunting one day spared a bear cub (he was generous that way) and some cartoonist or something referred to the bear as Teddy's Bear or something along those lines.

My first teddy bear goes with me everywhere (I mean not outside or anything but from apartment to apartment).. I scanned him in. He's never been on the net before.


On Home Matters today I learnt that you can do alot more with a pizza cutter than cut pizza. You can use it to like slice up onion slices, or cut off the crusts of bread, or mark fabric. You can also use it as a clangy musical instrument, or as a curtain shredder, or as a dementazazoid. 


Back in the day when dudes were hunting whales, the initial harpoon wasn't meant to kill the whale but attach the boat to the whale. Then the whale would take off pulling the boat along up to speeds of 20 knots. This was called a 'Nantucket Sleighride'. Must have been way fun for everyone... except the whale of course.

James Bond fights to save whales.


I watched Discovery for Kids today and they were talking about elephants. I found out that an elephant farts so much during the day that if you gathered up all that fart gas you could use it to drive a car for 20 miles! 

Speaking of farts.. check out Mr. Methane.


I saw a show about Daisy Fuentes. I learned that Daisy Fuentes likes spending time with her friends. And that Daisy Fuentes hates sit-ups . And that Daisy Fuentes tries to 'inspire others' with her workout videos.

I like Daisy Fuentes ok and stuff... but Hank really digs Daisy Fuentes.


I saw Juliette Lewis on Craig Kilborn (who sucks) and she talked about how she got 'emancipated' from her parents. Apparently if you're a teenage type actor type you have a better chance of getting hired if you're emancipated. Because you can work adult hours and not have to go to school and stuff. 

She sticks out her tongue.


I watched the Anna Nicole Show on E! tonite and they showed me how a tongue pierce is performed. Her 'personal assistant' got it done. First you rinse with Scope, then they dry your tongue with cotton, then they grab your tongue with tongs and jam a big needle through it. It was a totally horrible experience... as was watching the Anna Nicole show. 

Wanna get something pierced?


*I'm heading to visit the Amish this weekend down in Pennsylvania with my family. I'll tell ya about it when I get back. But I have a feeling I won't be snagging any TV facts while I'm down there.

Here's some Amish FAQs for ya though.


I done learnt today that some people believe in the idea of 'Urine Therapy'. They don't look at urine as waste- but something that can be used to cure alot of stuff. They say it's loaded with nutrients and stuff. They say urine can help with asthma, warts and even hair loss... Hair loss, eh? I'm gonna go pee on my head. I'll let you know if I grow an afro or something.

Here's some info on urine therapy for ya.


In Hawaii there are these things called Happy Face Spiders. They're spiders with like happy faces on them. Some have frowns and some look mad but most have happy faces. 

Here they be. Kooky. 


Today I watched Jimmy on Jimmy's Outdoor World. Jimmy was fishing in Kentucky and he caught himself a 'kentucky bass'. Jimmy told me that I can tell the difference between a largemouth bass and kentucky bass by a row of teeth that the kentucky bass have. Jimmy kissed the fish on the lips before throwing it back. Jimmy said, 'Kentucky bass give good sugar...' .

Here's a picture of the Jimmy action figure.


I learned that this techie dude who worked for the government Willy Higinbotham invented 'Pong' -which was the first video game. One day he played the game this other dude in his department (at the time it was called 'Tennis for Two') and Willy lost to this guy three times in a row. So Willy picked up the whole machine and smashed it to the ground. Then he called the guy a "big, fat cheater!" and ran out of the room crying. After that he went off and invented the 'handball' version of pong.  

Here's some information on Willy.


The TV told me that Guam is having a problem with an excessive amount of stray dogs or as they guy referred to them 'Boonie Dogs'. I never heard the term Boonie Dogs before and when I did a search on the web for it I found this ...and I'm canceling my trip to Guam. Poor boonie dogs...


Sorry no fact today. TV dint teach me a dang thang. 


Are you sick of going all the way to the store just to get some worms?? Me too! Sick of it! Luckily I found out today how to get them right in your backyard. Cut notches into a big stick. Then drive the stick into the ground. Then play it like a xylophone and whack it and stuff with another stick. Worms hate it and they'll come out of the ground to get away from the vibes. Then you scoop em up and eat em!

Here's info on grunting for worms.


You can get a microchip implanted in your dog and it will function like an ID tag. The TV showed me a cool story about some lost dog named Pooh. He was found all homeless and ragged but identified by the chip. Pooh was gone for six years and traveled over 600 miles. Apparently the doggie was totally psyched to be home finally.

Here's a link if you're interested in turning your dog into a canine cyborg


I done learnt that there are a bunch of companies developing products that jam cell phones. Turn on the device and within an large area ain't nobody can use their cell phones. They won't ring. Can't call out. Sounds great for movie theaters and restaurants. Right? Unfortunately they're illegal to use by us regular folks... but our government is all into em for a variety of reasons.

Here's one.


I learnt that there's this thing called a 'corpse flower'. Apparently it's very rare and when it blooms it smells like gross rancid meat. It's from Indonesia. It's scientific name is Amorphophallus titanum which translates to 'huge shapeless penis'. Smells yucky. It don't look so hot neither. 

Check it out.


The TV was talking about seahorses today and it told me about how seahorses do it. They fool around like foreplay and they do like this dancey dance twirling the tails and stuff. Then the female deposits the eggs in the males 'pouch' and the male fertilizes them. The male then lugs around the eggs until they hatch. Most other male sea creatures probably make fun of male seahorses.

Here's a picture of a seahorse.


I learned today that in NASCAR if you leave the pit with any equipment still attached to the car it's an immediate penalty. Unfortunately Dale Jarrett learned that the hard way today at the Brickyard 400. He pulled out of the pit with the 'catch can' hanging out of his gas tank. Sent him to last place wrecking his chances of taking this race. Tough break, Dale.

Here's a guide to the NASCAR pit stops.


I watched the Vans Triple Crown of BMX today. Stephen Murray was in the lead by pulling off a "Turndown 360 Flip" but Ryan Nyquist took first place in the Dirt Competition by doing a "No Footed, No Handed Can-Can". Me? When I was a kid, I once tried to ride my 10-speed with no hands and I hit a rock and landed on my head. I think maybe that's why I can't add.

Here's some info on BMX master Ryan Nyquist.


I found out today that oysters can change their sex then change back again depending on their mating mood. If you're invited to a party thrown by oysters.. expect things to get a little weird.

Here's some info bout oyster sex weirdness.


This dude Johannes Kepler was like the father of figuring out how the planetary physics or something. He understood how they go round and round or whatever all sciencey. I didn't really understand it. Anyway this was back in like 1600 or something. How he figured that out then is beyond me. I bet he was pretty smart.

Here's a story about the Mystery Planet.

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