October 31 2019

Boo! Re-See the Odd Todd Halloween Specials! On YouTube!

Re-see all SEVEN (9) Halloween Specials plus+ some bonus-y xtra stuff…

Check em out if wanna get all in the October mood…


nag says:

really todd? recycling old shit again?

The Truth says:

Make a new one you lazy f-ck.

Gong says:

nobody cares anymore, foolio!~

ding says:

wer has dit cawk sukka mr dehhng bin ?

Testies says:

The Truth and Gong… Stupid fucking pieces of shit.

Anonymous says:

I was really hoping you’d have animated something new in the past few years. You had one of the best webtoon series.

Jedi Knight Soon Kim says:

Don’t count on it. Todd is a married man and his focus is being a provider. His individuality (what little there is) is gone.

No-good Good-doer says:

What’s up with Episode 4? Put that shit on YouTube not Vimeo.

Loki says:

Your daughter is precious.. mini-you. I have a 5 year old girl that won’t let me make a phone call or check email without her on my back. I can’t even imagine the time it takes to fine tune your hand drawn cartoons + working on top secret Oddio project. Press on and keep the board informed, then you won’t get this gaggle of Jerry’s biting your ankles with expectations.

Relax you guys, something big is around the corner I’m sure.


mizta dheng says:

not this fucking shit again you fucking deadbeat

flowy dress waitress says:

this website got me through some of the shittiest years of my life. i keep coming back to see if there’s going to be a new what’s happening to explain what the hell is happening. i don’t care about the webtoons, old or new. don’t care about the contests and all that jazz. you were blogging before blogging was a thing and yoirs ia the only blog i ever cared about (still haven’t found one half as interesting)
i know you’re a dad and a husband, those roles come first. but last we heard you were going to LA to do amazing stuff. so what happened?

0dd Todd says:

Hi flowy dress. Thank you for checking in! I did relocate to LA however if what i’m doing is amazing is a matter of perspective. I decided to abandon my pipe dream of creating cartoons and television programs because, let’s face it. I’m a no talent ass-clown. I did pursue a career in the adult gay porn video market. So far you may have seen me in such masterpieces as ‘Bat Man and Throbbin’ and ‘I’m cuckoo for cocoa cocks’. It’s a much better fit for me that toons and i’m a much happier person. Good Vibes!

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