Friday's Boss From Hell

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For 3 strait weeks my boss says he and I will have a meeting concerning project A.  FINALLY we have the meeting and nothing gets decided on.  "just hold off until we all sign off on it"  he says.  FUCK!  that statement really means that he doesn't understand and therefore does not "like" the way I have proposed to do the work on project A.  Because he doesn't approve the work, I cannot do the work.  Project A just sat on my desk in a sad heap.  The real problem is, he can't think outside of the box for one minute.  So my "radical" ideas fall on deaf ears and he likes to instead just lecture me on how much more experience he has.  BUT he doesn't have any feedback or any ideas on how to tackle Project A either.  So much for his experience.
Now a good month later, last Friday morning to be exact, he decides to finally allow me to do the work that I proposed we do a month ago in the first round of talks BEFORE the "official" meeting was scheduled (and re-scheduled and re-scheduled.....) On that same Friday afternoon he was PISSED as hell that it wasn't finished.  Its a HUGE project and the only reason he even agreed to let me start the fucking thing is because his boss jumped his ass.  My boss had the nerve to chew my ass on Friday because he got his ass chewed for the delay caused by his inaction! 
Hell, I was only trying to help him out!  I didn't even have to offer up the plan of action that I did! I could have sat back on my laurels and said "when you figure out how you want it done, you tell me and THEN I will work on it."  That scenario was entirely possible.  In fact, that is exactly what my co-worker/counter-part did.  Sat back, said "I dont know" and is now absolved of any ass-chewing because Project A has been labeled as my project. 
Soooooooooo I got really mad.  I had had it!  I took all my stuff home:  coffee cup, picture of the hubby, everything that belonged to me... 
I then tried to schedule a meeting with him today (which is monday btw) and tell him that he is going to have to find some other sorry soul to save his ass--but he couldn't be bothered, as it were.  So I just fucking worked because..........I guess I just don't have the balls to do a "walk out".  Something is wrong with my sense of "loyalty" to this company that I HATE.  I suppose I will have to send him an email.  Sending an email is like a text message break up--you don't text message break up!  
At least I have the pride that is associated with getting my way on how to do Project A.  HA HA FUCKER--Told you it would work.  Some people have no faith you know? AND at the very end of today, one of the senior partners--same level as my boss but different department--came over and was ecstatically happy about how i accomplished Project A.  That made me feel better too.  At least when I do get the balls to quit, my boss will take a shit ton of heat from his peers--Who are all very happy that I am there because he is quite frankly a great big pain in the ass to work with.  
Maybe its a good thing my large, heavy 16 oz GRANDE sized coffee cup went home with me last friday.  That way, I won't be tempted to throw it at him tomorrow when I have to present him with the results of project A.


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