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Previously on Friday's boss from hell.....
the saga continues:
I never got the balls to quit.  The sensible side of me always wins   
--  The money is good.  The economy is bad.  Looking for something  
new, but there is nothing new.  I am stuck like chuck.
ANYWAY...  My boss is a dick.  One Thursday, about 3 weeks ago, my  
boss from hell had a mini melt down.  He was on one of his verbal  
rants where every other word is fuck:  "BLAH BLAH BLAH....fuck vendor  
X. I can't believe we have been paying this vendor for work this  
shitty.  I am going to call the fucking supervisor over there and   
BLAH BLAH BLAH..."  He worked himself up until he was good and angry.   
He then directed the anger at me and started lecturing me as if I had  
done something wrong by working with a vendor that the company has  
been using for over 2 years.   He starts spewing questions at me.  And  
then, when I tried to answer him,  He says:  "Stop fucking talking.   
Just stop."  and pointed his finger at me.  I made some sort of of  
comment like "ok, I understand."  and left his office.
I went over to my desk and sat down.  He takes a minute and then comes  
over to my desk and stands on the other side of the  divider of my  
cubicle.  The partial divider is only about 4-5 feet tall so he can  
sort of lean over the wall and be above my head. He says  "I just want  
to be clear about a few things.  1.  you only take direction from me  
and me only.  2.  I must see everything before it goes out the door.   
EVERYTHING.  I just want to be clear because I have been doing this  
On this day, I was not feeling particularly brave.  The balls of  
steal, I did not possess. I sat there in my cubicle and just looked at  
the floor like an errant child.  After he went back to his office, i  
went in the bathroom and cried for awhile.   Where was that "MAD" me  
from weeks ago?  Now I am the sad me of "stuck like chuck"  ?
I came back to my desk and there was the IT guy standing there waiting  
for me.  Oh yeah, work!  I had a meeting with this guy and I had  
totally forgotten about it in the 20 minutes I had just lost due to my  
boss' anger management issues.  I quickly put on my "everything is  
happy" work face and headed over to the conference room.  I see that  
Boss from Hell now has his door closed and is engaged in deep  
discussion with my counter-part.
I have my meeting with IT guy and I go right into my meeting with  
Senior Corporate lady.
And right as I sit down at my desk after completion of second meeting,  
boss from hell comes to my desk--his coat on, keys in-hand, leans over  
the divider and says "I gotta go pick up my kids and take them to  
ballet practice."  and leaves.
And I think to my self, "Well how the hell is he going to see  
but the day was better after that.  He was gone.
When I arrived Friday morning he was in discussion with someone on the  
phone and even with the door of his office closed, I could hear his  
explicatives loud and clear!
I thought "great."
But an hour after I got there, he came over and leaned over my  
partition to announce that he was going to an appointment on the East  
Side and he would not be back today.  YEAH!  No more Boss from Hell  
until Monday!
On Monday, he and I just both acted like nothing ever happened.
He hasn't had a melt down like that in 3 weeks.  Its like working with  
a time bomb.  Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

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