Friday's Boss From Hell

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Hello, Todd --
You want a bad boss story?  Here's one.
My former boss was an absentee-boss.  (Read:  I'm staying home with my children a hundred times a week, and I am NOT going to answer your urgent e-mails and voice mails.  PERIOD.  But I"m still a shitty mother.) 
Soooo...I ended up with having this (insert really BAD WORD here) as a boss.  And She said to me, "You're my second in command."  And within a few weeks, with her absences, I became the person that everyone went to.  They told me their problems with the accounts, they complained to me about other people on "THE TEAM" who didn't pull their weight, and they complained that our so-called "TEAM LEADER" wasn't there and didn't do her work and didn't answer their calls and just shut her door when they needed her.
So I dealt with this.  And I brought in a nice chunk of business. And I continued on, facing all of this crap.  And I dealt with her LYING about things that were so stupid it would make your head spin.  YOu'll get'll get that...and I'm TOTALLY ON YOUR SIDE crap...oh, and..we're going to get ICE CREAM ON FRIDAY!!! Which we never did because the stupid bitch just didn't work on Fridays.  She lied about everything -- from working at home to raises to simple office stuff.  LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was about two years in when I got laid off.  (No worries -- I had a new and better job before I was out of there.)  And I found out that the reason I was sacked was because this idiot-mommy-boss who was never there and nobody liked because she fucking LIED to everyone -- wanted to STEAL MY CLIENTS.  C%NT C-NT C*NT CUNT C_NT.
I'll give you a name if you need it.  I don't care at this point.  Just let me know.
Love you, Todd!

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