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So anyways I worked for a national Grocery store chain for 5 years, I'm not going to say the name but it's the "Safe way" to shop.  Anyways, I had this really Hitler of a boss, he would strut around the store and pretty much make everyone feel like total ass.  I firmly believe that the standard operating procedure of this store was to make you feel like it's an honor to work for them since you, as a person, couldn't find a better job.  They pretty much shit on your head and made you feel like you had to say thank you.  Well, my "boss" really looked down on smokers, and if you worked at a grocery store, chances are you smoked.

Well every time you should start to head outside to burn one, he would intercept you and talk to you throughout your 15 minute break about smoking, then he would tell you your break was over and send you back to your department.  This went on the whole time I was there.  If he was in a bad mood, he would find way to write up the smokers, this company had a policy that if you didn't "follow instructions" you could get written up and they would suspend you for 3 to 5 days without pay.  Well "not following instructions" is a pretty vague term.  "Hey, you didn't rinse that mop bucket out in a timely manor, that's not following instructions" or "Didn't I tell you to greet each customer with a smile, that's not following instructions".  Stupid crap like that.  Well I finally got a better job; with less pay but now, after 4 years I'm making triple what I made at that hellhole.  But, and here is the greatest part. The day I came into work to turn in my 2-week notice he wasn't there.  So I danced over to my department, wrote my 2-week notice up on a napkin, walked up the stairs to his office in the clouds, and placed it on his desk. 

Then a big smile came over me, personally I think I went temporarily insane but I went to the loading dock and grabbed 3 nails and a hammer and I nailed a dead salmon from the seafood department under his desk, used 3 bottles of ketchup to spray his office files, filled his work shoes with relish, hid 1lbs of hamburger meat in the ceiling tiles of his office.  Put a roll of toilet paper in the back of his private bathroom toilet and went into his desk drawer, pulled out a write up slip and wrote him up for being a cocksucking nazi with a yogurt fetish and check the box for "Not following instructions".    Lets just say I did not receive my severance pay for that job, but it was sooo worth it.  That's Revenge for all the people out there with Bosses From Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  MWAHAAAHAAHAAHAAHA!!!!!  Ok bYe!

P.S. Two years after I quit/got fired I was driving up the highway and he was broken down on the side of the rode, I rolled down my window and asked if he needed help then before he could say anything I gave him the finger and drove off.  Beauty in the basic sense.


Do you have a Boss From Hell story? SEND IT TO ME!

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