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I’m a security and network administrator; allow me to tell a little tale
about a BOSS FROM…. Heaven.

Yup, I was lucky to work under a man who had a fixed view of what I
needed and didn’t need to do in my position in the company, and I have
100% back up for every decision I took, but just like he backed me up
and was there for me, I needed to give 110% of my self ALL THE TIME.

When the High-Tech market crashed in 2001, I found my self-jobless from
the company I worked for, so I started like so many others to search a
place to work (living off air and water is nice but won’t hold you for

I started to make called, go to interviews and basically do every thing
and use every contact I had.

First time I called the man he told me that At the moment they don’t
need any one and that he will help in how ever he can, well since I got
no calls, after some time I called him up again. To my surprise he told
me “it’s great your still not working” and not because he was happy I
was unemployed but because he has a job for me and he wanted ME for that
position, the head of networking and security department in the company
he was working in.

I have to say that most of the work I did was in Integration meaning
that I went to the company’s with the projects and did the actual work,
like installing the firewalls and network equipment and so on, I never
did consulting and PRESALE or POSTSALE work before, and being one that
loves challenges I took the work and loved every minute of it, and my
boss? You have to know that he is not a technical man in tanning, he
learned with time about the things and technology he used to work with,
but he did know now to make you work for your position.

For example… we used to have a session once a week when he will ask me
questions about what ever he found interesting and I has to come up with
the answers, say like “ Explain to me how statefull-inspection work, and
why is that good? “ now any one who is in to security will give you the
answer in about a half a second and you can end up in a 7 hour lecture
about it, and during that time he kept on asking questions about things
I will say with all the why’s and how’s and explain again this please
and so on… great guy to work for.

Sadly he quit his VP position and left to company, 3 months later I
found my self out again jobless due to cutbacks.

He was not the easiest guy to work for, but even when you did your work
and gave your time and effort he backed me up in very thing I did.

Some bosses are from heaven… wish there were more from heaven then hell.



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