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My boss from hell retired last year but his memory lives on in infamy. He looks like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Charlie Brown, but don't let those comparisons fool you--he had an evil streak a mile wide and, in the time we worked together, threw items (pencils, erasers, books) at me if I questioned him or acted a tad flippant. This man never finished a sentence; i.e., "Well I think...I mean...if you that we are starting..." This halting monologue would be accompanied by the box step--he'd actually walk two steps forward, two steps to the side, two steps back, etc., while he was stammering out his point. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a straight answer from him--even if I asked a yes/no question. If I kept repeating the question, he'd abruptly walk away. OR, he would give me an assignment, I'd work on it, give it back, and later I would find it in the waste basket. IT WAS BUSY WORK! Like I didn't have enough REAL work to do! There's not enough time to go into the lies he told. His whole energy was spent covering his butt so no one knew how incompetent he was.


listen man, I still live with my mom because of this, and I'm using her email because I don't have my own, but the story is REALLY freakish.
Alright, I can't deny it. I have a boss from Hell, right? I worked for this asshole in a comic book shop named Steven (not Even Stevens. More like crooked Stevens) and he is a total drunkard. I'm glad I don't have kids, because Bring Your Daughter/Son to Work Day would be a disaster! He smoked right in front of me and even got so drunk one day, he kicked me where you know it hurts. I have also heard from a reliable source that he buys drugs from a special little source and I chanced a look in his jacket when he took it off one day and I got caught. Too bad I couldn't see what was in there, but I'm pretty sure it's some sort of illegal drug. Anyway, I quit my job there because 1) It sucked, 2) The boss sucked, and 3) It didn't pay very well. now I've got a REAL job and I will tell you about the boss from heaven in the other series. She's a perfect angel.


I had been lucky enough to attend Harvard for my education, and I learned as much about business and law as I could there. There I met my friend lets call him ass, ass was a real good friend and when he wet back to Japan we decided to keep in contact. One day he calls me and tells me that he started a business, and that he borrowed 10mil from the bank making it very crucial time for him, so he asked if I would come and help, how could I refuse a friend? (Also I was unemployed then). So I come over there and the companyís a mess, and I end up working for 16hrs a day minimum. I donít really mind since Iím made vice president. So we started developing problems Iím trying to handle marketing and were being sued because ass fired some people illegally, now Iím trying to help but heís not hiring a lawyer till I check the situation out first even though Iím schooled mostly in US law. I end up working with no sleep for 2 weeks. Then finally when I think we can win the case he skips out on the company and Iím left with a 9 million dollar debt. Not my debt, but his damn companyís, luckily when Iím sued the judge just takes the company and admits itís the presidentís fault, and a lot of blah blah blahÖ. To make matters worse some how word gets out in the states of what happened and Iíve been unemployed for half a year now. On the good side.

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