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I had the boss from Hell for years when I got my first job out of college. 9 years later, I'm still here, she is not. Her managers "promoted" her (that is, gave her a job away from any people so she couldn't do any more damage) while she was away in Europe for a vacation. Imagine Anne Robinson from Weakest Link only much, much more vicious. She would yell at you in meetings. She would swear at you like a marine if you pissed her off. She made at least three people cry at their desks (that I know about, probably more). Two people reported her to HR and that only made it worse for them. She had like 7 secretaries in a year because no one could stand to be that close to her. She was in a constant bad mood, a co-worker of mine said once, you know, somedays you could ask her for the world, and other days you wouldn't want to ask her to lend you a pencil.  So you get the idea what her reign of tyranny was like.

My story with her took place my first week at this company. I was BRAND NEW and didn't know anything. I didn't even interview with the crazy lady's group, but there had been some re-organization the week before and she was stuck with me.  Anyway, my immediate supervisor (who was super nice) suggested I take this off-site class that might be useful to my job, but since I missed the deadline for the signup, she said just put in a request with the admin. and get a check cut to take with me. So, I submitted my paperwork and went back to my desk. Not 15 minutes later, the manager I'm talking about storms over and slams the check request on my desk, asks who the hell do I think I am, what the hell do I need this class for, and says no way in hell could I get a check cut and I had better bring my personal credit card to pay for the class. The class cost about $800, and I don't even think I had a limit that high back then.  I lied and told her I didn't have a credit card, and she stared at me with the fury of a thousand white hot suns, turned away and said this was the last thing she was ever going to do as a favor for me. I put up with crap like that for 3 years.

Finally, after she was gone, the place became fun to work at again, and a lot more stuff got done. Funny how being nice to people and treating them with respect can go a long way. I have no idea where the bitch is now. Probably torturing puppies somewhere.

Really love the site, I blare song for Thursday every week no matter what it is.

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Send in a Boss From Hell!  It's time to tell yer story. Here's a few! Where's yers?

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