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Ok I'll keep it short but sweet...  I work for a large home improvement
retailer with the initials HD.  Our district manager requires the
managers in all of the stores under him to have only one color of
thumbtacks on their bulletin boards in their offices.  Doesn't matter
which color, they just have to be all the same - no bulletin boards
with multiple colors of thumbtacks are allowed because he wants things
to look "professional."  I could tell lots more stories about him, but
this is pretty much all you need to know to accurately assess the man's



here's a good boss from hell story.  my good friend judy has been
working at a hospital for 15 years in administration.  i worked with
her for a while (i have since moved on) so i can truly say that judy is
one of the most hardworking and intelligent people i have ever met. 
she has brought many programs to the hospital over the years, the most
recent of which was pet therapy for pediatric cancer patients.  now the
current president of the hospital is retiring, so the new president is
of course going to reevaluate all of the employees' positions.  

judy's boss, an incompetent woman at an unnecessary level of managment,
realized that her position would probably be eliminated if the new
president wanted to cut back.  so she decided to fire judy and take
over her job, since that job was actually doing useful work and would
not likely be eliminated.  she called judy into her office at 3:30 on
tuesday and told her she had to be out by 4:30.  after working at the
hospital in that same position for 15 years, her boss (who had only
been there 2 years) fired her without warning just to save her own
neck.  so not only is judy screwed, the hospital is screwed because
they have another idiot doing something besides managing. 

the worst part is that judy can't challenge it legally because she was fired
under the pretense of money and given severence.  so this leads me to
conclude that some people can't die soon enough.



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