This dude wrote in telling me he wrote a book report for my book so here tis!


11th Grade Book Report From Jon-ay

Activity #1 - Plot Summary

A plot summary of the Novel The Official Odd Todd handbook is one thing that may be overlooked by many. But under the surface there is a very mind-bending, heart pounding, nail biting, tear jerking plot. It is about a man who must complete his day full of nothing, and if he doesn't do this, he will be very upset. It starts off with the basics of a day full of nothing, with helpful tips on how to get up properly. It very quickly twists into a mind-bending trip into the human psyche as it describes ways Interpret your dreams and how to dress for the morning. It then indulges into my interests of a morning ritual, the coffee drinking.  It seems to go into how to search for a Job for a little while, although that really interfere's with a day of nothing, I guess everyone worries about it for a little while. Now, I need to mention one of my favourite parts of the book, The M&M's disaster exercise is a personal favourite that I try to do whenever possible to get a bag of M&M's. After doing so, this is where the plot goes completely upside down in "Elf Up and Mep, Quest for Magic" After their little romp the book goes into other essential things such as napping, the outside world, and how to get free stuff. This is when the villain is introduced, Yapper. Although he is easily defeated in the end by the powers of ignorance. Some may say it was a day full of nothing, but it truly was a day of inspiration.

Activity #2 - Characterization

The Main Character in this Novel is Odd Todd.

Appearance: Messy hair, Blue robe, Male

Actions: Nothing, as proved many times in the book

Ideas (what character thinks): A large portion of the novel is what the character is thinking, but the main points are Imaginary friends, Employment, and boobs.

Manner (how the character acts): The character acts in a way that our society would find lazy and unambitious, but when you dive into the mind of said character there is much wisdom behind the blue robe.

Activity #3 - Your Reaction

1- What message did you get from this book?

The message that I got from this book is that Life is not as hard as it is made out to be. You just need to understand the system and then you can control it in ways other couldn't imagine.

2- Good & Bad points

The good points are that there are no bad points. This book have made sure that I am never left with nothing to do, or made sure I'm never left with anything to do, I'm not exactly sure.

After I found this I remembered I wrote a (How to...) journal based on my knowledge of the novel, so just in case you were interested...

                                                     Journal Time!

How to...Do a day full of nothing.

Now, doing a day full of nothing is often mistaken for laziness, But it is far more

complicated than that. Having a day requires a lot of thinking and concentration, because if your

not careful,  you may end up doing something you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Here is a list of things that you will want to use to help you in the process. 1) A remote

with fully charged batteries (for maximum clickage), 2) An old comfy couch, 3) soft snacks like

gummy bears, or Granola bars, because noisy snacks like crackers and cereal can drown out the

dialogue in the show that you are watching, 4) A robe, or if you prefer a housecoat go ahead.

Now that you have all of those things you are ready to get started, but before you sit

down there are a few more things you must ask yourself. Do you have caller I.D.? If not, unhook

your phone, when people call they either want something from you or want to do something with

you, and that is completely unacceptable on a day full of nothing. There is another thing that you

may notice, a voice inside your head might pop up telling you to get up and do something.

When this happens, turn up the volume, put your head against the pillow and mellow out, man.

Thanks for being comitted to your fans, my dreams are officially coming true.

Good vibes to YOU!

Sincerely, Jon-ay

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