May 04 2010

Overlong Trip Back Babble


I’m back in town! The trip went aok I think but who knows we’ll see fingers crossed. I talked to some people and they talked to me. I’ll tell stories later but the freshest one is the one fresh in my head so I’ll tell you that one. All about my trip back…

As per usual, I was racing to get to Long Beach Airport all late to catch my flight. I rely 1000% on GPS to get me to the airport so I have no choice but to do exactly what it says– even when I know it’s messing with me. This time around it sent me off a random exit and I ended up detouring in my Chevy dorkmobile straight through the Long Beach hood (pants on the ground hats turned sideways). I was like, ‘Thanks GPS. Thanks for this here sidetrack. Especially when I’m short on time..’ But I cranked 80’s on 8 on Sirius radio and made the best of it. Luft Balloons blasting and throwing up made up gang signs…

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April 12 2010

The Trader Joe Divers

So the other night I was out with Roscoe and we walked past the local Trader Joe’s around 10-ish. Right around closing time. We hooked around the corner and walked smack into a decent crowd of people hanging around by the back bay of Trader Joes. Where the deliveries come in and the trash goes out or whatever. 15-20 people. My first thought was the store was closing and the employees were all leaving at the same time.

But then it seemed like something else was going on. Nobody was leaving or talking to each other. They were just sort of milling about. Seemingly anxious or something. There was a buzz in the air like something was about to happen. Like a protest or something. I couldn’t figure out what was going on so Roscoe and I pulled over to watch for whatever was coming next…

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April 11 2010

Lots of Random Emails Here

Hey wanna read a bunch of emails that have come in lately.

Including some feedback from the April Fools situation and some other randoms etc yadda…

To: [email protected]
Subject: SSUP
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 19:22:46 -0700

Hey Your Oddness,

You don’t mind if we have a local chapter of SUPP, do you? Of course I’m not
supposed to be telling you about this since it’s super secret, but some
folks were paranoid that we could get in trouble, or something. There will
be cupcakes.

Portland, Oregon
Land of the highest unemployment in the nation on a fairly consistent basis

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March 24 2010

The Candy Stand Clerk Experience

So anyway, today I spent a couple hours googling around looking for a way to file for a DBA (doing business as) document for the Odd Todd Studios thing. But I kept being led to sites like legalzoom that seemed ripoffy or whatever. All the New York State/City websites were wonky and confusing. I couldn’t find the paths to the documents! I even tried stupid Bing! Finally I admitted defeat and headed down to City Hall (a mile walk) to do it in person…

I was not psyched about plunging into the city process because I always imagine it’s going to be a big mess with long lines and grumpy Patty and Selmas or whatever. And I was super pissed that I couldn’t find a way to do it online without feeling like I was being ripped off or screwing up…

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