July 11 2010

Air Conditioner 2: The Resurrection

So anyway, I wrote about how last week during the heat wave my decade old air conditioner finally died. And I ordered up a new one online.

This one here:


Seems like a good dealio ($229 with the 10,000 btu whatever that is) and I got free shipping on it too! It arrived the other day and I lugged it up the stairs by myself like macho style! I realized its arrival was forcing me to make a decision about actually shoving my old A/C out the window… or not. If I was going full shove I’d have to prep and move the Vespa etc. Get the cameras ready for the smashdown and safety googles etc. It was gonna be a hassle…

Anyway, I walk up to my sad broken A/C (now dented up by my attempts to fix it with a hammer) and go to turn it on one last time. Since it broke I’ve been in half-denial about it being ‘seriously’ broken. Now and then I’ve been pushing the on button and expecting the compressor to make the deep hum power noise. But it never did. No once. Only straight hot-air fan. I tested it a dozen times over the past few days. It was broken. But this official last time I pushed ON… and ON it went! Full blast! Cold! I was like, ‘WTF!’ You’re… alive?!!’ It hummed happily like it was brand new…

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June 22 2010

Random Emails Today! Wanna read some?

Several things that annoy the hell outta me:

1. People who feel the need to come to a full ten second stop before they make a turn into a restaurant, mall or other business and almost cause an accident because of it. I mean seriously do you lack the confidence to steer your vehicle in a different direction while it is still moving? Are you unsure of where you are supposed to pull in? Are you trying to decide if you want to stop there? If so, please for everyone’s sake, stop driving!

2. People who do not have their payment method ready after already standing in line at the store. You already knew when you entered the store how you were going to pay for your purchases. Now you are going to make everyone behind you wait while you decide or find your form of payment. Lets not pretend here, everyone knows what card or corner of their wallet holds the dough. Have it ready or get out of line until you do. Which leads me to my next gripe…

3. Those who insist on talking on their cellphone while completing a purchase. Here is another case of lack of planning. Conclude your call, THEN go to the register, counter whatever. I don’t care what so and so said to Suzie, don’t care where you are going to party tonight, I don’t want to hear about your last bowel movement. Get off the damn phone give the person who is trying to wait on you some respect and complete your purchase. Answer their questions, pay for your stuff and get the hell outta the way. Thank you.

OK that’s better.

Hope all is well Todd.:-)
-Miss Sara

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June 18 2010

Never Nice to Meet You

So not too long ago, I met up with a bunch of people and I kind of assumed I was meeting everyone for the first time. Some people said, “Nice to meet you…” to me. I said my hellos back or whatever. But with one chick I said, “Nice to meet you…” And her smile turned serious on me. She came back with the dreaded slightly annoyed, ‘Oh we’ve met before… Remember at so-and-so’s?‘ (or whatever). I had no recollection of meeting her at all– but I gave the big lightbulb reunion style hello.

Of course, by this point I had been distracted enough to forget her name altogether (again) even though we were just introduced (again). And she probably knew I was totally lying about re-remembering her. In that moment I was probably summed up as a self-absorbed wanker and a liar…

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