The cats on the farm had the best deal of any animal on it. I was totally jealous of them. They were totally free and they were everywhere. Maybe a dozen or more. They climbed trees. They hung out with each other. They owned the night. There are kids around alot so they get to hang out and play during the day. There are old barns and cool trees and different animals to check out. The cats seemed to realize they got a good deal. It might not seem ideal for your cat cause your cat may not have claws and would be scared. But if you're gonna be born a cat somewhere. Get born on a farm.

Also there was this one cat that had lost an ear and an eye in a fight. None of the kids on the farm seemed to know the whole story but they knew one thing. You didn't mess with that one cat. He was walking proof that he was willing to go the distance and he will mess you up 2x quick because he knows when youre down to one ear and one eye you don't take chances.

But being a barn cat is the way to go if you have a choice.

It's like this most of the day: