There were lots of cows on the farm. Luckily they weren't for burgers or whatever... they were milking cows. And they seemed like they didn't have it so bad either although it did make me a little sad too. Because the idea of some farmer pulling up a stool with a tin bucket and yanking the udders is like long gone now.

Basically for most of the day the cows are allowed to hang out in the fields and eat grass and relax or whatever. But when it comes time for milking they are all brought into this big barn type thing and they're put into stalls and chained up. Then they're hooked up to these milking machines which somehow seemed weirdly alien or something. And all the milk goes down the pipes into this one big tin thing or whatever. 

But it's amazing that milk is so cheap. It seems like such a big ordeal to get the milk and it doesn't seem like cows produce that much milk so you can get a quart of it for a dollar or whatever. It seems like worth $10 or something.

There were also calves around. One was like a day old and some were just a week or so. They were most excellent. They made moo moo noises and liked it when you pet them. They were a little wobbily on their legs but made the effort to come over and say hello.

I won't eat veal again. Look at this guy.