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Today the morning show goofballs told me that playing the Wii can be dangerous. People go to the hospital all the time messing themselves up Wii style. Tearing a tendon or crashing thru glass tables or whatever. When the department of consumer affairs asked for the Wii people to comment on it the  situation-- the Wii people said, 'Dude... do we really need to comment on this shit?'

Here's some Wii injury compilation shtick...


So last night I watched Intervention (which is a top 5 show for me) and the thing that I realized-- is that of all the addictions-- booze, coke, heroin, meth, sudafed, ocd whatever. The one that seems the hardest to break by far and probably has the lowest success rate. Is eating disorders. You'd figure that would be the easiest one to break. But then again... with other stuff you have to give up whatever it is that's screwing you up. With food you gotta always stay involved with the problem. Anyway, was sad...

Somehow I think youtube confessional stuff works against the treatment. Like mini Dr. Drews.


Today TV man told me that playing video games is healthy for adult's brains. TV man said if I play a strategy heavy game that I'll be all sharper and stuff. That it keeps stuff perking or whatever. I'm not sure if my recent game Left 4 Dead (could be best multiplayer game ever for me) is strategy. Is it a strategy to wait for the big puffy monster to puke on the humans before you pounce on them from a rooftop? That's sort of strategy...? but somehow I think this game is making me more dumberer though.

This guy at hardcoregamer magazine thinks it's pretty coolio too...


Today I watched Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerhorn (Still one of my favorite shows). He went to Japan and flagged a couple weirdo restaurants. One was a prison themed restaurant called Alcatraz Restaurant where people sit in cells and they drink things like 'Lethal Injection' cocktails and eat... I dunno. Prison-ish food? The weirder restaurant was a mayonnaise restaurant. Everything is mayo based. Bubbling mayo fondue. Mayo milkshakes. Mayo mayo mayo...

Mayo Margherita anyone?


TV told me last night about something called The Boston Molasses Disaster. Back in whenever they had all this molasses stored in this big tank somewhere up in Boston and then the tank burst and tons of molasses flash flooded through the town wrecking buildings and stuff. Would be sort of funny if like people didn't totally drown in molasses. Which has gotta be a sucky way to go. You can imagine those people standing in front of heaven's gate dripping with molasses and being like, 'Really?! This way?'

Here's more info bout it!


So news guy told me that Apple people are in an Apple panic (remember Apple Panic?)  because Steve Jobs might not speak at MacWorld (maybe health issues maybe). I guess the thought of that is like playing Ooky Cookie with no cookie for Mac people. And stock was sent downwards when it was announced that Steve Jobs was going to be replaced by this guy-- who will be announcing the new Mac products.


This morning I heard that some dick in town wants to pay his traffic ticket in pennies. Dickish but to me seems totally legal. But the town is pushing back telling him he can't pay that way because it's too dickish. Now the town and the guy are going dick for dick in the big dickoff to see who has to keep the stupid pennies and who has to pay what. I lean toward the dick with the pennies. Until the friggin outlaw them once and for all-- they're monies.

I dunno. Here's the story.


Today TV told me there's some new study that says it's ok for pregnant chicks to eat peanuts. (I didn't realize this was a thing and if you're pregnant and am like 'Oh cool! I read on the interwebs that I can mow peanuts now from the daily fact page....' I'd google this because I was sort of half-listening. But I heard it's no big deal to eat peanuts unless you're already allergic. Food allergies are weird. Ain't not on starving kid ever been allergic to peanuts...

This peanut allergy guy ate some peanuts and filmed it.


Morning news dope told me today that acorns are going the way of the bees. Disappearing. (By the way, did the bees come back yet? Wasn't that like a big deal or something?) Anyway, this year all over the place there's like no acorns. And dudes are like, 'Where'd the acorns go?' And other dudes are like, 'I dunno. But don't worry about it...' (Secretly, over the past month I've been putting a handful of nuts now and then in the little plant I have on my fire escape-- and they disappear in no time. The squirrels climb fire escape ladders around here so I figure I might as well give em a little something something. Plus, it's cute when I catch em in the act...)

Here's more info about the awol acorns...


Why is it that I got hit in the face with that crazy high flying governor of Illinois? Like all of a sudden he decided he was sick of being the 58th biggest douchebag in the world and bum rushed the show to sit atop the pile of douchey mcdouchebags. Is that guy kidding everyone? This is a joke right? Is he sitting in some room right now rocking back and forth saying 'F-ck off... I'm right.... F-ck off... I'm right....



Two ball drops in a row! WTF! I will punch myself in the arm! Hard! NNNhhhhuh! Ow! There! Now in the stomach!!! No... not in the stomach... umm in the thigh! Uhhh! Ow!

Ok there!


Sorry no factoid yesterdays! I don't know what happened! It was yesterday then all of sudden it was today and I dint learn nuttin I realized after from before...

Here go Owen and Mzee!


Today on morning news whatever I seen there's a new toy out there called an  Airzooka. It shoots a ball of air into someone's face. Not sure about the power of it or not but it seems to me if it does what it says it can do. There's no reason you can't make it a ball of fart instead of just a boring ball of air.

Here's the Airzooka in action. (The cat is pretty funny at :50)


So TV told me today that happiness is contagious! Like it you're in a good mood or whatever then friends and family get in a good mood too! If you're around someone smiley then people around you are smiley too! :-)! Happiness is like a social thing! So that makes sense! :-)! (Of course, it's sad to think that the person who usually bounces into the room lighting up the place with extra happy probably cries themself to sleep...) But whatever! Take the happy where you can get it! Even if it's all spongey!

Here goes the Happy House!

And it's Happy Hour again!


Today I found out about a simple holiday scan that's really just rude. Dude sets up a roadside stand that says, 'Let me install up your Christmas lights!' Then he goes to the house and says he'll do it for $200 or whatever. He takes a deposit and goes off to get his tools or lights or whatever and then just doesn't come back. Money gone. No lights. I guess the only hassle to the scam for the scammer is you gotta keep the show on the road...

Here's a nerdy top 5 holiday scam lookout stuff (Actually pretty informative about cameras)


Last night on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zuckerman (btw I saw that dude walking down the street in NY a few weeks ago) he showed me how they catch bugs and eat them in Uganda. (Apparently these bugs taste like almonds). Dudes sit around like the anthill or whatever and they build little roads out of mud leading from the entrance of the tunnel to some hole or something. Then they pound on the ground until the bugs get so annoyed they leave. They walk straight down the road into the hole and then they get eaten up eventually. Said sometimes it takes 3-4 hours of pounding the ground to wake their lazy asses up...

Somehow I think she ain't liking them grasshoppers as much as she says...


Apologies for no factizoid yesterdays. I was all busy playing Left 4 Dead and didn't see much of the TV. I like being the Tank!

 (You can be both survivors OR zombie creatures in this game!)


Last night on Dirty Jobs I seen a maggot farm. Apparently there's a business in maggots as fishing bait and they're worth like a penny per maggot or something. Not the easiest way to make a living but I think there's alot grosser bugs than maggots. At least they're sort of magical in a dark dirty butterfly way. Creepy crawlies don't do any magic. They just creepy crawlie around acting all creepy crawlie...

Here's an all cartoon band called Maggot Farm...


Today newsdope told me that Obama is considering like getting a handle on future NASA projects. Apparently they wanted X-billion of dollars to fund some rocket called Ares. He wants to make sure it's like worth whatever it is and wants to know what it actually will do and stuff. I'm all for it. I say NASA should start pooling their money to get a dude walking around on Mars or just close up shop. No more going up into space so astronauts can pee in space. I want to see some progress damn it! And I wanna see some dude peeing on Mars! Not just in some tin can barely hanging on to orbit...

Look at this thing they wanna build! Hey NASA 1973 called... they want their rocket back.


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