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Today I (guest factoider) saw a super sciencey show that talked about 
making a star on earth as a power source. Apparently thermal nuclear 
bombs were the first stars created on earth by man. But only the fusion 
hydrogen bomb. More interestingly I learned that they are in fact 2 
(TWO, II) bombs in one. They need a fission nuclear bomb (splitting 
atoms) to get the other atoms fast enough (same thing as saying hot 
enough) to fuse making the fusion reaction which is 30 times more 
powerful than the fission bombs! Kinda like a wing man taking the ugo 
chick to give you the confidence to grab the pretty chick. Two nuclear 
reaction in a single bomb?! that's a pretty bad ass bomb! Scarey and 
never should be used again, but bad ass none the less!

Happy holidays tOdd! and SEE AVATAR ALREADY! i'm seeing it again and 
taking my father tomorrow.


Hey! Gonna be a little sportatical here for a while as we head into the holidays! Gonna be doing alot of the run around so I'm gonna be slacking on the TV watchingness. If you wanna be a Special Guest fact provider... feel free to send in your fact and include a link! Spread the word on what you learnt!

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And happy holidays and good vibes to all Daily Fact readers... apologies for the slackdacquarie as of lately...


So I found out last night on the Racquel Maddow show that all these drones flying around in Afghanistan and Iraq are easily hacked. They basically are flying around with unsecure non-encrypted information. So dudes on the ground are like pulling information off of those things with like bad Toshiba laptops and stuff. They might even be using em for like free internet access or whatever--- like sitting out in front of a coffee shop or something. Great. Way to go, militarygeeks...

I think if they're listening to stuff-- those drones should broadcast this song on a loop...


Sorry no daily factizoidal yesterday! Something happened when I was watching something and then I fell asleep and the show I started watching was being projected on the back of my eyelids. And what I saw there was factless...

Here's a bunch of realistic sculptures made of paper...


So last night I heard that there were earmarks in some bill about whatever whatever in Congress. (Earmarks are weird because they're all like off-topic tangents post-it noted into whatever they're trying to get thru). Anyway, the tv guy was mocking how one of the earmarks was for "shrimp research" or something. Was like, 'We're trying to recover the economy and people are worried about shrimp!"

So I decided to google around and figure out what the deal was with the shrimp earmark...

Here's what they wanna do:

? Increase inspections on all foreign-shipped seafood and hold importers to the same standards as domestic suppliers
? Ban countries with histories of supplying tainted shrimp from selling their goods in the U.S.
? Strengthen penalties for mislabeling — that is, those fishing operations that might mark their product as being from Louisiana when it’s really from a foreign country.

So it's one thing to bash earmarks but I don't think they should mock the actual legislation because it's usually something worthwhile-ish (if maybe not a priority).

Here's a pistol shrimp!


Yesterday TV showed me a bat that doesn't sleep upsidedown. They sleep rightside up. Apparently they have suckerfeet like octopussies and they like stick to stuff upright. If they were upsidedown like normal bats they'd fall on their heads or something. Apparently the suction is pretty powerful. Scientists say if one of these bats stick onto your face while you're sleeping it was cause a reaction of your running around uncontrollably screaming and stuff until you got straight into a wall...

Imagine this on your face...


Hey Daily Fact Peep Readers! I got a daily fact right here for your face! Tonight I found out that the TV show The Office which spun off into the US-- is also spinning off internationally. There's like Canadian and French and wherever Office. British Office will always be my fave (btw Ricky was 40 when the British office originally aired)--- unless Chilean Office kicks it up a notch or something.

Here's a clip from Chile Office...


So last night I watched Jersey Shore and it is officially my number one show (in terms of which show am I most excited for week-to-week). However, MTV made a terrible greedy mistake last night which may have popped my Jersey Shore bubble a bit. They put on a Jersey Show "Aftershow" which brought out the Situation and Dingbats 1 and 2. Uch! So greedy! And full-blast overexposure! I didn't need to know any of them outside of the show... yet! You stupids at MTV! Did I need to know that the Situation and Dingbat 2 -- STILL did not like each other!? I did not need to know that!!!.... actually I don't really need to know any of it really... ok it was a sad thursday night ok!? I admit it! Stop looking at me!

Look at Snickers get punched in the face!


Today TV news person told me that Diamond Pet Foods was recalling some cat food because it f--ked up cats. Some gastro-situational situation. Diamond pet food sounded a little familar to me so I googled around and found out that Diamond was the same company that f--ked up dogs a while ago with their dog food. So I figure might as well declare here that Diamond Pet Food sucks and it should never be bought and stuff unless you wanna f--k your dog, cat, or self.

Maybe change this to 152 checks? You know that check where it determines if it'll f--k up the eater...


Sorry no daily factizoid yesterday. I watched Hoarders which I like but the show sorta bummed me out and I went back to reading my book. I've been reading the first Stephen King book I've read in a long time. I've been feeling like his books are too thick and I don't want to do a 700 page commitment with the situation. But I'm digging this book Duma Key and feeling like maybe I'll backtrack into more King books....

Here's King talking about his doorstop books situation...


So today I seen that there's a new movement to protect foundation of marriage. Banning divorce. These people say if divorce becomes illegal that less people will get married and it will become a cherished thing again or whatever. Also they believe that if you plant lollipops and wait three weeks you will have a lollipop tree in your yard. They also believe that the milk fairies from wayward planet hornodo will come soon with the sparkle gold flecks for sprinkle sprinkle on the new zoomy holiday called Flecktastical Wonderfunk.

Here's a link to the 2010 Marriage Protection Act.


So I found out today that the 'hottest' christmas toy called Zhu Zhu Pets which I guess are robot hamsters that go in circles or something stupid are like loaded with toxic waste or something. And it's not the good kind of toxic waste that gives like super powers or whatever. It's the bad kind that gives you a rash at best. Probably is kinda coolio that they glow in the dark or whatever. The Zhu Zhu Pet people apparently are repackaging the toys with a gold warning label star that says 'Now with Toxic!'

If you've been doing a media blackout on these things too. Here they are...


There's a new 'must watch' show that I set my DVR to record entire series. I'd like to think it's some show on Discovery or History Channel. Even something more down level like Animal Cops Phoenix or something. But nay, I guess I'm not that bright. Because the new must-see show I think is Jersey Shore. I'd talk about it but it really is self-explanatory...


Today I found out that your name is a factor when you apply for a job. Some people did a job search research thing and found out if your name is 'Tamika' or 'Khalili' or something-- there's a bigger chance your resume ends up at the bottom of the pile. Change your name to Jason Warner or something and there's more of a chance you'll get a callback. Sucks...

I wonder how any of these names would do...


Yesterday I found out about a new conspiracy about a program called HAARP. High-Frequency Active Auroal Research Program. It's up in Alaska and maybe be responsible for earthquakes and tsunamis and mindcontrol and weather control-- and it's run by the Air Force. It seems to be the Scott Baio of all conspiracy theories...

But if you want something new to latch onto. Here ya go...


So last night I watched Dirty Jobs which I like alot and I seen dudes shrink wrap a boat. Not sure why they were doing it because I tuned in late but I think it had something to do with winter storage or storms or something. Basically they take a big piece of plastic and cover the boat with it. Then they use flame torches or whatever to heat the plastic which makes it shrink all around the boat. So that was new to me. Seemed vaguely Christo-ee...

Here are pics of shrink wrapped boats. (+RIP Jeanne Claude...)


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