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December 2001


I watched The Fly this morning with Jeff Goldblum and that's a pretty frickin good movie. what was also nice is the first credit after the movie ended was for the special effects guy (Chris Walas) who did the actual gross fly effects or whatever. I thought it was cool to see that name first as opposed to the director or whatever.

Here's something if you want your own gross Brundlefly.


I just watched Gozilla vs' Mothra. And guess who won the big fight?! MOTHRA! Yup! Dumped Godzilla in the ocean too to like clean up after the fight! Plus! Mothra is going to save earth from a meteorite that is scheduled to destroy the planet in 1999. At least that's what the twin japanese alien fairies said before they flew away at the end.  Sorry to spoil the ending if you haven't seen it.

Here's some more information on Mothra from a superfan.


I was watching a show about tarantulas this morning. They had closeups of their frickin hair and some of them have really long hair and they use their backlegs and brush the hair off when they get mad or something and it makes this cloud of like stinging tarantula dust that gets in the eyes and nose.  Straight out ew ew ew!!! so EWWW! Look at Brad Byers! EW!


Nuttin today. I was outside alot. 


I was watching Caddyshack II today which is terrible for so many reasons. But the biggest reason is Dan Ackroyd who is absolutely awful trying to fill the Bill Murray role for the original. So super bad. Not like he was that funny to begin with but why oh why... so super bad.


Hey I just saw a promo for that show the Weakest Link and there's gonna be like a new host (this guy with glasses who seems all cheerful mean). I wonder why they got rid of that redheaded chick who was mean mean. I guess cause no one could stand her. And this doesn't sell Grape Nuts. 

*correction here. the redhead chick wasn't fired. the guy is like the daytime guy or something.


Back in the 16th century American Puritans made it illegal to mention St. Nicholas. People were not allowed to exchange gifts, light a candle, or sing Christmas carols.  That sucked total. They were like all Talibaned out.


Argentina is like a big dotcom. 


New York Giants are still in it. Go Giants! 


I watched a show called New Yankee Workshop. A guy named Norm taught me how to make a wooden mailbox and paint it and install it. Not sure what i'm going to do with this info cause I live in an apartment building with one of those skinny slot mailboxes that you have to wrestle your mail out of.

But I did bother to find a link so you can see the mailbox 


I forgot to pay attention to TV today. Totally spaced on it.


A Colgate toothbrush costs $2.49 and so does Dawn Dishwashing liquid. The thing about it was George the contestant on Price is Right thought that the Alberto VO-5 ($3.29) cost the same as the toothbrush so he didn't win the dining room set. I personally think he based his choice too much on the audience opinion.


During WW II before D-Day the US and British army staged a rehearsal for the beach landing in France off the coast of Britain.  Germans were ready for it and attacked the ships. Over 700 soldiers died and the whole thing was covered up at the time cause it was such a big fuck up.

Here's some more info about Operation Tiger


Mohawk Indian ironworkers played a major role in constructing Manhattan.   When immigrants came to New York they worked side by side with the Mohawks to build the city. And Mohawk ironworkers are working on sites in NYC today- known to be fearless working 'high steel.'.

Here's an article.


Drew Barrymore and Tom Green are getting divorced.

Here's some info on Tom Green


Ostriches don't actually bury their heads in the sand. There was some study about ostriches and none of em did that at all. I found that to be disappointing. But the guy on TV told me they can run like 40mph which made up for it.

Here's some info if you wanna become an ostrich farmer in portugal. 


Butch Patrick who played Eddie on the Munsters was busted for pot and quaaludes and then he turned down the Richard Dreyfuss role in American Graffiti and then recently broke his back in a car accident. But he's ok and has no regrets and is doing munster related personal appearances


I saw on the TV that Courtney Love is preventing a Nirvana box set from coming out and Dave and Krist are like suing to get control over the rights or whatever. I don't like Courtney. I'm not sure I ever did even when I suspected there was a time that I might have I'm not sure what was going on then for me to think something like that. 


I watched like John Lennon's concert in the park that was taped in like 1972. And Yoko was on stage the whole time playing piano and stuff which was annoying but then she actually got to sing and read some speech that mentioned hitler or something. She was truly so super awful it was stunning. I mean seriously what was John thinking about? Why did she need to be on stage with him? How did he not hear her horribleness? 


I watched Craig Kilborn last night. He frickin irkes me. 

Something just ain't right about that whole show.


Something happened here I lost this fact when I was updating the page. If anyone remembers what it was let me know.


Some guy in Manila chopped his own penis off cause he got all caught up with religion or something.
I think he might have some issues.


I forgot to put something up this day. TV can't teach us something everyday. But I did flip around alot. I wish I had a Nielsen box. I would make those dudes nuts.


The guys running Enron were a bunch of filthy scumbag crooks.


I watched that movie the Quick and The Dead on the superstation today Gene Hackman plays the guy he played in Unforgiven again. The guy who was really mean and all that. Gene Hackman plays an excellent mean guy. That's a fact. 

Here's a song called Gene Hackman by Robyn Hitchcock


I found out on Oprah today that Sonya Walker wants more romance out of her marriage
but her husband Leonard feels her approach to problems is too demanding and not done in a loving way.


This was something about how frogs make noise that goes for miles but they don't blow out their eardrums because of a pressure system or something. I accidentally deleted what I wrote originally so that was that.


The Marines have a helicopter called the CH-53E Super Stallion.
I mean the helicopter totally kicks ass as do our Marines .. but the 'Super Stallion'?

Here's some more information on the CH-53E Super Stallion


MSNBC has this 'New Development' thing on their scroll graphic thing at the bottom of the TV screen.
They put it up when something 'new' happens. It's all like marqueed up all flashy flash flashy.
I find it offensive. I'm not sure why. Maybe it reminds me of a laundry detergent ad or something.


I didn't learn anything at all. I slept most of the day.


In Egypt there is a pyramid called the Bent Pyramid. They said on the show that it was a like a prototype before they built the big giant pyramids and it was shaped weird cause the architect fucked up. Those pyramids are frickin weird in general.

Here's some more info on the Bent Pyramid.

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