Dex and Toby

Dex: Ah nothing like a bright summer day, eh Toby o' boy?

Toby: I told you I don't like being called "Toby o' boy".

Dex: Sorry about that, Toby o ' boy! My mistake.

Toby: Your mistake again.

Dex: Right you are again there, Toby o' boy! I won't let it happen again!

Toby: You just did.

Dex: Damn it, Toby o' boy I just can't help myself. It's like a bad reflex y'know what I mean boy o boy o Toby o' boy?

Toby: I get it. Shut it. Forget it.

Dex: Ok Toby....

(30 second passes. Toby takes a deep breath and sighs.)

Dex: ...O' BOY!!!!

Toby: That's it! Time for an asskicking!! Cmere! Bring your ass!

Dex: BOY! 'O'BOY!!!