(thanks to justin for this banner)

Desktop Themes:

Three Themes! (thanks Eric VB for sending em in)


Odd Todd
Collage          800x600 (thanks to Scott S.)

Odd Todd
Working       800x600    1024x768
  (thanks to Callie)

Collage        800x600    1024x768 (thanks to justin)

800x600    1024x768 (thanks to marc d for this one!)

Elf Up          800x600    1024x768

SuperMep   800x600    1024x768

Mep            800x600    1024x768

Coff-ay       800x600    1024x768

Boobs          800x600    1024x768 (thanks to Jamie for the boobspaper)

Coff-ay2      800x600    1024x768 (thanks to Trey for sending this in)

Bee Positive  800x600    1024x768

Pimpin         800x600    1024x768  (thanks to Nick D. for sending this in)

Checkboard    800x600    1024x768 (thanks to robbie for this one!)


Elf Up    lil Elfup    Mep   lil Mep

Screensavers, Icons and stuff:

Odd Todd Head icon (thanks to Vincent)

New Elf Up Icon! (thanks to Noni for sending it in)

Elf Up Icon 1    Elf Up Icon 2    Bee Positive Icon     Mep Icon  (big thanks to Matt C for these!) 

Avatars - (thanks to Mark H.)

Fudge Stripe/Pringles Icon (thanks to lauren k!) 

Coolio Odd Todd Web Screensaver (cable users only)

Elf Up! Good Luck Screensaver

Elf Up! Valentines Screensaver (Thanks to Jack Middleton for the both screensavers!)

AOL Instant Messager Theme (Thanks to Jaybird Tuosto!)

AOL Instant Message Icons

WinAmp Skin (Thanks to Jim Edwards from Sacramento, CA!)

Desktop Icons  (Thanks to Noah Brimhall)

Icons for Mac users

Pocket PC Themes (from 2Visions / instructions)

Daily Facts for 2002! All in One! (from Moira)

Hey eBay sellers! Want a mon-ay minder? This thing might be coolio for you! (thanks to

When you get a payment via email it'll do a little popup that will tell you 'yeahh... mon-ay! (like from cookay slots)



Thanks to Marc D for sending in this one!

Thanks to Justin for sending this one in!

Thanks to Dick for hooking us up with Boobs in the Face banners!

Thanks to Bill M. for this working up this one!

Thanks to Todd S. for this one!

Thanks to Travis C. for this one!

Thanks for these Blinkies!

Thanks to Ben Tom for these two!

Thanks to Kathy at Voltage Designs for the Mep and Recipe banners.


thanks to for the above banner


thanks to justin s


thanks to micah b


thanks to aking1765 for both great banners above



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