Cover A Duran Duran Song Contest!

No more submissions. All done. Contest to kick-off Monday Morning!


I've received a whole bunch of most excellent cover tunes for the contest. I'm going through them all and will pull the top ten submissions to be finalists for the contest. So much excellent stuff. Then I will set up a page linking to all the songs and we'll start the voting. Unfortunately this will be a very difficult contest for dialup modem users to participate in but that's the deal with that so I don't know what to say about that except for that. I'll be in touch with the participants shortly to let them know what I'll need from them.

Anyway probably by the end of this week we'll kick off the contest. Thanks to all who submitted! And thanks to the sponsors. This turned out better than I'd imagined so far..

What the winner will win!

+ One month banner homepage promotion at oddtodd.com linking to your new website (re)designed by purpleguy!

they will provide:

-Site Planning Consultation or Existing Site Analysis
-20 Hours worth of design work
-10 Hours worth of programming work

PLUS two tickets to the tentatively scheduled Duran Duran reunion tour! If for any reason Duran Duran tickets are not available- the Ticket Monkey will get you two tickets to some 80's reunion tour somewhere your area. 

PLUS a one year subscription to BookLiveMusic.com!:

a great service for getting exposure for your band throughout the US and Canada!

PLUS I'll throw in an Odd Todd t-shirt of your choice for each member of your band!

Send yer song or questions to [email protected]. You can buy Duran Duran cds here.


I'm sure I'm supposed to put alot of legal contest rules on this page. So just imagine you're reading a bunch of legal gibberish right now. blah blah rights blah blah bleh copyright yadda yadda infringement blah yadda bleh... something like that.

But if for any reason you can think up a reason to sue me for something. (like you electrocute yourself plugging in an amp or for some reason you don't get the prizes or whatever) you can't sue me for any reason. Plus you can't sue my sponsors.

Why can't all legal things look like that?