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It's time for the Cover A Duran Duran Song Contest! It's easy for you to participate. Just listen to all the songs below and vote on which one is your favorite. The winner gets a new or improved website built for them by purpleguy and concert tickets from The Ticket Monkey and a free year subscription to

Below you'll find links to the full songs by the 12 finalists or just a 20 seconds clip so you can get the gist and stuff. My apologies again to those who didn't make it to the finals. I got more submissions than expected.

Listen to ALL the songs please before voting! This contest ends on July 3rd! And we'll announce the winner then! Good luck to all participants!


The Songs

To listen to the songs click on the links below. If you'd like to save the song just right click on the link. Choose save target as. And save it to your hard drive. Or you might have to hit 'Open' to play it. Or 'save' to save it or whatever. I can't figure out your computer. It's all backwards.

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Check out some of the bands' websites


Once you've listened to the songs, and selected your favorite band, cast your vote. Remember, you can only vote once.
Johnney and the Hemorroids
The Malinks
Dave Stone
The Leroys
Shrewd Latexx
Jamie Manstream
The John Benjamin Band
Mark Bates
Emo Hair Cut
swedish masturbation unit
Bud Melvin
Brian Allen


The Sponsors

Here's what the winner will receive!

One month banner homepage promotion at linking to your website, and an Odd Todd t-shirt of your choice for each member of your band!

PLUS your website will be (re)designed by purpleguy!

PLUS two tickets to the tentatively scheduled Duran Duran reunion tour! If for any reason Duran Duran tickets are not available- the Ticket Monkey will get you two tickets to some 80's reunion tour somewhere your area.

PLUS a one year subscription to, a great service for getting exposure for your band throughout the US and Canada!


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