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So the contest sort of got hosed because some people found out the super-secret way to cast like a ton of votes. The contestants were not responsible for any of the shennanniganngans so don't hold anything against them. The only fair way I see is for the next month I am going to rotate the top vote getters on this page every 5 days or so. Maybe cheesy with the 'we're all winners here' thing but that's the way it's going to be and that's that. 

Also I get alot of CDs from new bands looking to be featured or whatever so after this month is up I will be featuring a New Band of the Month on the site. If you're a band and stuff and wanna send me your CD go ahead. Include info about the band too. 

My thanks again to all the participants. I dug all of the submissions and this songs were different and very cool. I hope to do another one down the road covering another band. Let me know if you have suggestions for that too. And we'll sort out the voting situation type deal. Thanks to the sponsors too.

The Winners

Dave Stone - Notorious
from New York, NY
Play full song - Play 20 second clip  

Visit Dave at


The Malinks - A View To A Kill
from from Seattle, WA
Play full song - Play 20 second clip  

Visit The Malinks at

Shrewd Latexx - 7th Stranger

Visit Shrewd Latexx at



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