Electric Fence

So my nephews really dug the horses and the miniature horses that were on the farm. There were also donkeys and stuff just hanging out. The fencing was mainly two wires that ran from post to post. They looked like electric wires. Dopey me looks at them and thinks they can't be electrified. There were no signs telling me that they were electric. There was no big WARNING signs. How could they be electrified with no warning signs? How am I supposed to know if they're electrified or not? Meanwhile my four year old nephew seemed to know not to touch them but of course I gotta check it out.

I go up to the fence wire and touch it really quick. Nothing happened. I touch it again and hold it for a half second longer. No zap. No nothing. I finally decide to grab the wire. I hold it for a second. Nothing. Hmm.. Not electrified. Glad I checked it out.

Anyway we go walking around the farm and we go up to another fenced in area. I walk right up to the fence, grab the wire with both hands, and lean on it- completely confident in thinking ain't nothing gonna happen. And ZAHZAP! That fence gave me quite a frickin jolt. I look over and see one of the farmer guys like shaking his head. I think my nephew was shaking his head too.

Lesson learned: If it looks electrified, assume it's electrified.