Exxon Guy

On Saturday night my brother and I drove to the local Exxon station to get some water and soda or whatever. It was like probably around 11:00 and we walk into the place. There were a couple dudes hanging out that looked kind of slim shady and the dude behind the counter was extremely slim shady. We walked around in the mini-mart and the whole place had a creepy vibe. The fluorescent lights were like grey and there didn't seem to be enough stuff on the shelves. We picked up a few things and said hello to the dude behind the counter. He gave us a sling bladish 'mmhmmm' (hit refresh). He rang stuff up but looked like he didn't seem to know exactly what he was doing. We thanked him and he gave another 'mmmhmmm' (hit refresh). He never looked up at us but he seemed like the type of guy who was just looking for us to say something wrong so he can just snap and go mental. Barely keeping it together.

After I left the only way we could describe the experience was like it seemed like we had walked in on a robbery and the real exxon night guy was tied up at the dudes feet hoping that we'd realize the place was being robbed. So if somewhere in Paradise, PA there is an Exxon station that was recently robbed and you need a description. Let me know. Although I'm not sure I would be much help because I never got a good look at the guy. I was too scared to really get a good look.

He sort of looked like this: