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Last night I heard that the Girl Scouts are considered like Nerd Girl Squad! Power Activate! or something. And that sign-ups is dropping like a rock. Could have something to do with it that things haven't changed since 1950. (Besides the fact that they're not sending girls door-to-door to sell cookies to strangers). And they're gonna give the place an overhaul to make it coolio again. Good for them! Just keep them cookays coming!

Here's some recycling game I found linked up from their site...


Today I seen a thing all about how car people are doing all sorts of stuff to wire up cars. Like heat-detection up ahead so you don't hit a deer or something. Or some warning system that bleeps when you drift out of your lane. And of course the dashboard keyboard so you can surf the net and do your facebook update while you drive along. I dunno. I think we'll be seeing alot of Joe is happy his airbags deployed but has a BIG headache. OR Jane is upsidedown in a ditch and her horn won't stop going off. Hears sirens coming! Yay! OR Fred is thinking about fruity pebblasdkjfhskut4ey0 w04 0[w84t6 y 8w04ty .....................

Wanna see a solar racecar?


Ok. After last night I came to one conclusion about American Idol. Kara Guarini ain't gonna be asked back. It's crossed over beyond the awkward initial stage and now it's just awkward. On Wednesday when Simon agreed with Paula and disagreed with Kara then Randy disagreed with Kara and then Kara came back on the next round using fancy terminology from the music biz to up her credentials-- it was like... It's over. You're done, honey. She's going home after the last show just like Justin Guarini.

After next week I will make my official American Idol prediction.

Here goes the Israeli Idol Chen Aharoni!


Today I was watching some of that Bobby Jindal guy try and spin out of flopping in front of the entire nation last night. Yadda. He seems very concerned about the state of the State of Louisiana--  but I'm not so convinced he has his priorities straight. If I became Governor of Louisiana my number one priority would be splurging on a new friggin State flag design...

What is this? Cmon! No offense Louisiana but was this design the winner of some 6th Grader contest to design the State Flag?

Actually now that I look at it... pretty much all State flags are pretty embarrassing.

Jeezus Maryland...WTF is that mess?!


So last night I watched Obama do his thing and I gotta admit I thought it was weird that people were shoving programs in his face and handing him Sharpees to sign his name on the program. It's like, 'Ummm... you're actually invited to be in the room with the President. To watch him do his thing. And you're not embarrassed to ask for an autograph like he's a Jonas Brother or something? Are you gonna put it on eBay? Wtf is with that?!'

Peace and love peace and love...


Last night I was watching Sober House and they ran some ad for 'Flirty Girl Fitness'. Basically its a workout video that comes with a pole and it teaches girls how to dance like strippers and swing around the pole and stuff while getting in shape and stuff. I dunno. Really an iffy call. But I think if most chicks were left alone in a room with a big pole for an hour they'd secretly be swinging around on it because there's something genetic or something that makes chicks wanna try and swing around on poles.

Here go Flirty Girl Fitness doing in chairs.


So I flipped by the red carpet time on TV Guide channel and once again the channel with TV in it's friggin name doesn't seem to know how to broadcast a signal properly. Is it me or is it always sort of statically like it's being broadcast from some old TV antanea on some guys roof or something. And yeah the Rinna lips were a little crazed and all that totally...

Can she slerp spaghetti with those lips?



Wanna fight about it?


Today news dope told me something sort of disturbing about Facebook. They changed their Terms of Service and now anything you post up there they have rights to. Rights to republish or store or whatever. Plus, they have rights to it forever. So if you delete your Facebook account... they'll still own everything you ever put up there. So that embarrassing photo you asked your 'friend' to take down... is still out there. Somewhere. Being giggled at by Facebook nerds somewhere in the basement of their lair...

So if you're thinking about closing your account. Here's how...

And if you wanna be my friend... Here's me!


Hey! There's was no daily fact yesterday! What's up with that!? I dunno! Something was all bad about TV yesterday! I'm dropping out of Sober House. I'm dropping out of the Teen Idol show! They're all dropping the ball! Heading back to nature channels today. And will post a great fact laters!

Here's something to watch if yer board....


On Idol last night I was confused by the new voting style. It was splained twice and I still didn't understand it totally. Made me feel dopey. I did vote for the chick with the pink color in her hair and the teenager girl who sucked really bad. I got a new phone so I had to take advantage of the AT&T voting situation. And no, I haven't started liking the new judge Kara Guarini. I just don't see why she's on the show. Makes everything wonky. Same feeling as I'd have if Kenny Loggins was sitting there thru the whole season...

I just don't like the idea of a judge who wishes she was the actual American Idol. Look at her all cheesed! When you're actually on the show American Idol and only 25,000 people seeked this out... You know you ain't right.


So today news guy told me that there was some fireball in the sky in Texas the other day and people still don't know what it is. At first they thought it was a piece of crashed up satellite but apparently that's not the case. My theory is a UFO was coming to show us all how we can get along and give us some forever fuel gel stuff and also cure everything and all that. But that UFO got smashed by a satellite that was busy broadcasting Confessions of a Teen Idol to over 30 countries...

This thingee like tracks satellites or something for satellite nerds...


Today news guy told me that hackers are out in force trying to crack Obama's Blackberry and one dude told me how dudes plan to do it. Basically, they're not gonna target Obama. They're gonna target people around Obama who might send Obama email addresses. Then they'll send a fake email from that Obama person telling Obama to check out some website of click on some link. Obama clicks on the link which somehow extracts secret Obama code out of the phone and they get access then copy everything out of it. Or something.Somehow I feel the security dudes have thought of that. And I don't see Obama clicking on ROFL!!! CHECK OUT THIS ECARD! style links...

Check out this little mac criminal...


Today morning news chatterbox told me that there's some website where you can like create an avatar and go on a virtual date with someone. Set up a profile and avatar and you sit down at a table and chat I guess. Seems like a strange starting point but whatever works works if it works... so there.

Here's an ad for Omnidate... which pretends not to be an ad...


Today I found out that Microsoft is offering a $250,000 reward for whoever launched some virus on the net that's screwing up Vista. (Or maybe I should say screwing up Vista extra...) I'll make you a deal. If you confess to launching the virus-- we split the money 50/50. I will totally back your story to make sure it sticks. That's $85,000 to each of us! Dealio!?

Here's a guy blah blahing about this new virus. Says the criminals are happy...


Ok! I've had it with Kara Guarini on American Idol! She is unnecessary to the process! Four people voting is stupid! And I don't like her smug look when she tells people they're in or they're out. I don't think she's funny. I don't think she has good insight. And she's too bitchy about her insults. If I wasn't so lazy I'd start a website to get her ass bounced off that show and I bet it would work!

Here's some board talking about it! I'm bookmarking this page!

By the way, next week I make my Idol Guaranteed Winner Pick! So far I've been 100%


Sorry no daily factoid yesterday. I was at dog show all day long so no tv watching was happening. Will have a goodie for you later today tho...

Here's a bad halftime show. And here's last years dog show winner.


So last night I was watching Intervention which is a top 5 show for me. And I realized there's one drug that comes up over and over again as being a total problem drug. If I had to pull a statistic out of my butt I'd say that 40% of all sales of this drug end up in the hands of drug addicts or abusers. I think maybe it's time to maybe hand the smackdown to the drug manufacturer-- because apparently this shit is just like heroin. Cmon y'all drug companies... you know what's up with what's going down...!

Oxycontin (Hillbilly Heroin)...


Today on one of the shows I found out that the big economic stimulus plan had $3B earmarked to help Native American communities. And that that's probably one of the pieces of the bill to go away or whatever. The money was gonna be used to fix up reservations and improve education and stuff in those places which are hurting. Especially the one's that don't have or want casinos. I dunno. I kind of feel like the Indians got dicked over so bad back in the day that we should always lean on the side of helping no matter what. And it does seem like certain places need the help.

Here's smore info on that.


Sorry no daily factoid yesterday. I ended up watching a movie called Wanted (with Angela Jolly) and the first 20 minutes were really cool and then it got boring and then it got more stupider. And then it finally sucked.

Here's Angela doing stunts or whatever from that movie


Today I found out that this chick decided she wanted to have the biggest boobs in the whole world. She went in on KKK implants apparently or something with like a gallon of silcone in each boob. Not sure how I feel about this... Gonna go back and look thru the photo gallery to drum up some opinion on the subject(s).

Gallery boob here!


Today news dope told me about a new email scam that's been going around. Tells people that the economic stimulus package has passed and that YOU are owed money from the government and all you have to do is fill out the form with all the information there is in your world and send it off. It's really sad to me that people are still falling for email scams. Bums me out. So here's the new rule in case you've been tempted. Nobody is giving you money for nothing. Not even the government...

Here's a dog show scam. (Speaking of which... guess who is going to the Westminster Dog Show! At the Garden! Next week! Me!)


Today I watched the goofy Former Teen Idol show on VH1 which is getting lamer and staler by the week. This week Jamie Walters (How Do You Talk to an Angel) who threw Donna down the stairs and ruined his career sung at a place called 'The Mint' in Los Angeles. They showed the outside of the club and there was someone playing the following week named Marcia Bell. So I googled her and linked to her here!

And here's the pukey lyrics to the #1 hit-- How Do You Talk to an Angel... and the video.

I hear her voice in my mind
I know her face by heart
Heaven and earth are moving in my soul
I don't know where to start
Tell me tell me the words to define
The way I feel about someone so fine

At night I dream that she is there
And I can feel her in the air
Tell me tell me the words to define
The way I feel about someone so fine

How do you talk to an angel
How do you hold her close to where you are
How do you talk to an angel
It's like trying to catch a falling star


I didn't like the comparison of old classic stuff with new stuff. I do like it when someone gets hit in the nuts. I like monkeys but I don't like gorillas. I think it was funny when Bruce slid down the thing and splashed his nuts all over the screen. I think Go Daddy needs to move on. I like close games. I don't wanna watch Jay Leno. I do wanna watch Conan. Nobody told me where I get my 3D glasses. I didn't miss not having 3D glasses. Aliens vs' Monsters looks coolio. Sobe was creepy. I think General Petraeus should have other priorities. I liked the Denny's spot. And I was surprised to see cash4gold advertising on the superbowl. Best commercial? Doritos one-- where the guy gets hit in the nuts.

Here's all the commercials in one place...

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