Maddy Rose and Fire Cracker

Maddy Rose: You wanna see me eat this kitten? I can do it you know. Totally easily. Like one bite chomp done and done kind of stuff. I got the teeth for it. You wanna see it? I'll do it? I'll do it in a second. You want me to? I'm a dog and dog's have needs. And one of our needs is to satisfy your needs and if that need involves me eating a cat my needs and your needs can be met simultaneously and...

Fire Cracker: Ay, stupid. Shut up before you catch a smack...

Maddy Rose: Yes Fire Cracker, sir. Sorry for the babble.

Fire Cracker: Give the governor a harumph!

Maddy Rose: Harumph!

Fire Cracker: You watch your ass. Now let's get some sleep!