Fujiman and Frog

Fujiman: Say uncle!

Frog: No!

Fujiman: I said say uncle!

Frog: I said I say no!

Fujiman: I say you say yes!

Frog: Ok! Yes!

Fujiman: Yes...Uncle!

Frog: What did you want me to say again?

Fujiman: UNCLE!

Frog: Aha! I made you say it! Twice!

Fujiman: What? Uncle?

Frog: Ah sucker! You said it again!

Fujiman: I was only saying uncle because you have to say uncle! Now say UNCLE!

Frog: You just said it three times more!

Fujiman: Say uncle right now or else!

Frog: And again!


Fujiman: Ok let's just split it then... unk...

Frog: cull.

Fujiman: Fine. Let's go nap.