Gary and Charleston

Gary: How are you, Charleston?

Charleston: Better than you, turtle. You're all cooped up in there like a dope.

Gary: Whatever you're cooped up out there like a dope. It's not like you can go outside or whatever.

Charleston: So!

Gary: So you're cooped up out there I'm cooped up in here. It's all a matter of perception.

Charleston: Umm... I have fur! Soft nice fur.

Gary: Yeah very protective. Pass. My shell rocks.

Charleston: I can make noise!

Gary: So. You can make one noise. All variations of meow. That's next to nothing. And no one cares.

Charleston: You sleep on a rock!

Gary: Maybe I sleep on this rock but I can live to 100. Where you gonna be 100 years from now?

Charleston: So what! I'm cute!

Gary: Again perception. Some people hate cats. No one hates turtles.

Charleston: I know a guy who hates turtles.

Gary: Yeah who?

Charleston: You don't know him.

Gary: Try me.

Charleston: He lives in Canada.

Gary: You're lying.

Charleston: His name is... Marsshuh.

Gary: It's what?

Charleston: Michael. Michael from Canada.

Gary: Why'd you say Marsshuh?

Charleston: Michael Marsshuh that's his name. It's a Canadian name.

Gary: You're making stuff up. No one hates turtles. Not even Michael Marsshuh.

Charleston: Ok.

Gary: Ok.

Charleston: Same time tomorrow?

Gary: Righto. See you then.