I figure that this invention is perfect for nowadays with all the little handheld devices and all that. But I couldn't imagine I was the one who thought of this first. Someone had to have thought of it before me, right? I showed my Geek Gloves to some friends and everyone agreed it was a pretty good idea. No one had seen anything exactly like it... but it seemed suspiciously too simple or something. Everyone sort of felt like it must have been thunked up before.

So I did a patent search at this site. It was sort of a pain cause the site is slow and stupido- but I got a handle of it and tried every combination I could think of and I couldn't find anything close to it. The database went back to 1976. No geek gloves. No slits. Only weird stuff like baseball gloves that heat up and stuff.

I started fantasizing about licensing my patent to The Gap. And to Apple. And to ski equipment places. I thought about how well the glove can sell globally! And how it's possible that I'm not only gonna be a millionaire.... there was a good chance if I did this right, I could be a million gazillionaire. Like global idea rich. Like those guys who invented The Club.

So the next step was to do a real patent search. I realized I was going to have to spend actual money. Ug. Was I really going to do this? It's sorta expensive to do a patent search. So I got doubts about the idea. I started to get demotivated. I started to see in some reality that this was sort of a dopey idea. Believed it must be out there already. But I pushed myself and I found a decent patent attorney and I paid for a real patent search right on my credit card. <Smack>. The lawyer told me it would take like 3-4 weeks. Apparently some lackey had to dig thru the archives in Washington. I paid my money and I've been waiting around.

Yesterday the lawyer sent me the results of the patent search!!!