Anyway, so here's two halloween toons for ya!

Coolio! They're both sort of similar so whichever one you watch first might have some semi-spoilers for the other one.  I'd love to recommend which one is the best one to watch first --but if I knew which one seemed to be the one to watch more than the other one--- then there'd be no other one.

Why two cartoons?

Mep insisted we do both scenarios because he couldn't make up his mind which one he liked more.

So here's all I can say about em:

This one is shorter. This one is longer.
Take your pick...

You can vote which one you want to be the 'Official' Halloween toon here!

If you have a problem with this... Blame Mep! He's the friggin mental one.
Good vibes to ya! And apologies for the long break...

Hope you like em... or at least one of em ;-)