June 06 2012

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Most Annoying

What thing is the MORE annoying thing than the other thing?

Slow bartender
Slow driver

Crying Baby
Car Alarm

Bad breath
Bad attitude


The Tea Party
The Democrats

Jersey Shore talk
Dancing with the Stars talk

Air Guitar

Feng Shui

Asshole Boss
Ineffective Boss

Jar lid sealed too tight
Plastic wrap to tough to open

Music hipster
Literary hipster

Going too long
Ending too short

Idiot politicians
Idiot supporters

Computer porn addicts
Computer game addicts

Proud of burps
Proud of farts

100 degrees
0 degrees

Mispronouncing ‘Nuclear’
Using Your instead of You’re

Proud to not know
Know it all


Clothes too tight
Clothes too loose

Waiting in line
Waiting on line

No toilet paper
No parking space

Pointless polls
Pointless poles



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