Glass of Milk: Go ahead. Swat me off the table.

Homer: No! I like you milk! I like milk!

Glass of Milk: C'mon swat me off!

Homer: No!

Glass of Milk: You'll do it by the end of this conversation.

Homer: No I won't!

Glass of Milk: Yeah. You will.

Homer: If you haven't noticed we're about to be served breakfast! I don't want to rock the boat and ruin it!

Glass of Milk: You really think that plate is for you? Ha! You get served in a bowl on the floor, Cat. Not at a table.

Homer: That's not true! Today will be a special day! I just know it!

Glass of Milk: Why do you think today is so special that you'll be served on a plate... at the table?

Homer: Umm... It's my birthday!

Glass of Milk: No it's not.

Homer: How do you know? You don't know when my birthday is!

Glass of Milk: Neither do you.

Homer: Yes I do! Of course I do! Today it is!

Glass of Milk: Ok... what's today's date?

Homer: It's Feb...an...u...rarch...ber... four... one.....six...

Glass of Milk: Right. If you're not smart enough to know your own birthday- what makes you think you're smart enough to know if that plate is for you? You don't know anything cat! You're talking to a glass of milk for jeez sakes, dopey!

Homer: I know one thing! I'm swatting you off the table!

Glass of Milk: Success!