September 27 2010

Pictures for the Week! Brooklyn, Cali, Iowa!

Black Rabbit thinks it’s time for some pictures. These better be good, Black Rabbit thinks…


Few stray pics from NYC that were left on my camera first!

A recycling picker upper's dream bundle of perfection.

I felt bad taking this “good” picture for alot of reasons…

Something tells me that ain't nobody breaking into that place…


I get the feeling this was Malibu's version of a surfer hipster or…
surfster…? Or something…

Dude! I know dude right! Dude… Totally dude… dude? Yeah dude? Right dude?

If I surfed, I would definitely be the guy going right when everyone else is
going left…

Hollywood High School looking very much like Hollywood High School…

Left LA before Iowa with a stop over in Detroit. Walked through this purple
haze scifi tunnel…


Des Moines had this coolio sculpture garden. Apparently some richie had all
this stuff on their lawn or whatever and finally made it public style…

Lighting tree seemed to have alot of energy action electricity…

Six people have tried to try on this coat and now those six people are

Everytime you turned your back on this thing you'd hear a clickity clack

After this pic I jumped on the back and did all yeehaw yeehaw and it fell
apart and I walked away whistling…

Rabbit is thinking about you… and you don't wanna know what rabbit is

Every Haring ripoff was Kung-Fu Fighting… They're kicks wernt fast as

This letter man was pretty groovy… I stared at it for a long time. You can
find words in him…

 Jumble people have orgasms in here apparently…

Some say it looks like knees pulled up close. But if you scroll back up–
might hugging a heart– or open hearted or something…

Drove out to the country to look at sky and space and corn…

Saw this horse. You can play a quick game of 'Find the Goat' in here…

I thought goats could eat tin cans and stuff. Who'd think they can't handle

The main drawback of having horns…

Can I have some corn? Yeah we like corn! Don't pay attention to the sign.
More corn pleas!

Me and this guy (Billy Squier) were BFF's for over a minute…

I slowly approached this thing and it started shaking and I slowly backed

Hello. I'm made of rakes. I collect eyeballs for free.

Hello. I'm made of rakes. I produce scars for free.

Hello. I am a landscape. I am neither here nor there.

Not sure the dilly with the lock on the outside…

I ran naked through here and did fake karate moves…

This van was parked outside of the Birthplace of John Wayne… I bought a
coffay mug in John Wayne’s childhood home!

Then I traveled out to see THE bridge of Madison County…

Inside had lots of graffiti…

Little ditty bout Wend and Duane…

Really? That's your graffiti on the Bridge of Madison County…

A big Randy Perry fan if there ever was one…

Maybe not the greatest sign that something actually came between 'between'…

Heidi and Wayne went head to head on these planks. I tried to fit in as much
as I could…

Rolling rolling rolling… keep these hay bales rolling… Hayride! Move ’em on, head ’em up…

ok bye!



The Shadow says:

Let me be the first person here to welcome you back, Todd. The Shadow wants to hear all about your adventures in Tinseltown.

WTF?!?!??!?!? says:

Now, after you get unpacked and pick up Roscoe, get to work stomping out those cockroaches Slasher and Dasher. Wait a minute… aren’t those two of Santa’s reindeer? “Slasher and Dasher and Donner and Blitzen, Cupid and Stupid and The Professor and Mary Ann…”

GOD says:

WTF, WTF do you think this is China, lets censor all the material here. WTF you have lost it. Maybe you are the one who should be stomped…. idiot

WTF?!?!??!?!? says:

Whoa, put your dick back in your pants, GOD. Who’s advocating censorship? I’m all in favor of everybody’s right to say whatever they want, including your right to tell me I’ve lost it (which assumes I had it in the first place) and my right to tell you to kiss my ass.

In case you haven’t noticed, all Dasher and Slasher say is “-” and “/”. What I’m proposing here is an all-out nuclear first strike against all objectionable punctuation. I really don’t care how many innocent people are collateral damage.

grif says:

crap site

Z says:

Welcome back, tOdd! I enjoyed reading your twitter updates while you were gone.

Love, Z

Pookie says:

Welcome home Todd!

Anonymous says:

Full site update by noon? Yeah, I hear ya…..I’ll check back next wednsday.

Rae says:

Or you can check back by 4:00, since that’s what he actually wrote.

Welcome back tOdd! Hope your trip was successful.

Rae says:

Thank you for calling me genius. That made my day! I always wondered when people would realize it.

Anonymous says:

He changed it from noon to 4 after the comment was posted, genius.

Anonymous says:

Hey tOddster? Umm, that’s a cow, not a horse!! Love your posts as always!

Nicol says:

I loved the twitter updates and the pictures and quotes are great.

Bob in Peru says:

To Jean_Phx : I took your tip & am into my 2nd Christopher Moore book. He’s great !

Todd : What book did you read ?

oddtodd7 says:

Let The Great World Spin

Highly recommended 🙂 (although just past halfway point)

Val Gal says:

You were just joking about the cow being a horse, right? Welcome home!

JV says:

I thought the same thing Val Gal. I hope OT is joking about the “horse”/cow.

I love the tunnel thing at Detroit airport. I wished I had taken a picture of it when I was there, but my camera was checked in my bag 🙁 Now I can look at yours! Thanks and welcome home!

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

I wonder what else Wayne was “showen” Heidi. Were they in the hayloft?

MsM says:

Anon was right in that that brown & white animal is not a horse, but I believe the correct answer is that it is a “Steer”., And it looks like there might be a goat on the wagon. Hard to tell. says:

Cool. Greetings from the Speedy DNS

Anonymous says:

Goats Rule!

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