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Do you have a story bout yer first experience with The Internet?
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Hi Todd. Not a story but this is a link to a TV special broadcast from the early 90's or something, talking about the coming "internet revolution" and "what is the internet?" type of thing. It's a real time-warp !


Hiya todd!
My first interaction with the internet was in relation to the Spice Girls... so... mid 90s?
I was about to go to one of their concerts, sad to say :/ but I had a thing for Ginger spice so I wanted to download some pictures so I could see how hot she was. My father logged on the internet, typed in Ginger Spice, and before I knew it, I was looking at a fake porn video of her "having sex" with some person. Obviously a fake video, way before the days of Paris Hilton.
I was 8 at the time. So yah... needless to say, my father x-ed out of the internet box and printed off "non-porno" photos of her that I could have.
I didn't realize what program he had gone into, but he later explained the world wide web to me and the dangers of it. This was the days of Netscape, when netscape was THE program to have.
Keep up the good work, or lack thereof.


My first encounter with the internet was in 1992. The Internet was
considered a dirt road back then. I first logged in with a unix shell
account on <eyes rolling> Netcom.

It was difficult at first because there was nothing to help me learn it, I
was on my own. I figured out Pine mail to send/receive e-mail. Then I ran
head on into IRC (internet relay chat) WOW what a trip that was at first. I
was able to login to multiple servers around the world and talk to PEOPLE in
real time!!

I later got tired of IRC then found USENET (newsgroups). I was able to
download games and all kinds of stuff, even keep track of topics. While I
was learning the inner workings of usenet I was also learning about UNIX
commands. I had to learn all about FTP and files and how to compress and
decompress. I was able to do all kinds of stuff that is better off leaving

As time went on the Internet grew and SLIP (PPP) connections became the new
wave. Along came the WWW, and GUI interface that gave the Internet a new

This was a far cry from the Apple IIe days playing Karataka and those cool
80's games that were the wave.

Looking back I often think, "Where have the good times gone?"



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