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A middle area in the US is referred to as 'Tornado Alley' because it gets alot of big tornadoes. The US gets the biggest craziest tornadoes of any country in the world. Back in the day before science explained tornadoes, people must have totally believed God was just straight out pissed off about something. What else could they have thought when they saw something like this coming straight at them?


The first living creature to orbit the earth was a Russian dog named Laika. She may have survived for up to seven days on Sputnik2 but died when the cabin overheated or ran out of oxygen or something. The mission wasn't even designed with a possibility of her surviving- but at least she got a stamp out of the deal


I watched c-span and they were showing the 'Roll call vote for the Bond Amendment to HR 622- The Adoption Tax Credit Act.' (it passed). Needless to say it was staggeringly boring to watch. I think government would be cooler to watch if laws were passed based on Battlebot fights.


There are these fish called the 'Deep Sea Anglerfish' and they're frickin weird. They live WAY down in the ocean in the pitchdark. Anglerfish mate by the male attaching itself to the female anglerfish permanently. He gives her sperm and she gives him food. They eventually fuse into one being. Plus there is this weird blue light sticking off its head. There's some seriously bizarre stuff going on way down in the ocean.

Here's info on the Anglerfish


I watched 'Porky's Revenge' today (the one that completed the Porky's trilogy) and Beulah Balbricker, the gym teacher that the high school kids always fought with, was reunited with her long lost high school love 'Snooky'. They had a running at each other slow-mo huggy-kissy scene on a beach. After years of torment, Beulah was finally happy and it was a touching scene.


Before Apollo Creed was called the 'Master of Disaster' they called this dude Irwin Allen the 'Master of Disaster.' He was a movie guy that made movies like Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno,  and TV shows like Fire! and Flood! Irwin died in 1991 but if he was still around he'd be out of a job- cause I don't think they'll be making any disaster films for a while..

Irwin was apparently good at the big picture but missed some of little things


I watched this show called 'The Chamber' which is this trivia show with like a torture chamber with 7 levels of bad things for the 'winners'. Bad things like 150 degree heat and electric shocks. The show itself also has 7 levels of bad things: bad host, bad lighting, bad set, bad graphics, bad trivia, bad contestants and bad concept.

Oh also... bad website.


Back in the day when people didn't have refrigerators, a dude would show up at your door with a block of ice. The delivery guy was called the Ice Man. Nowadays I don't think people would open the door for someone called the 'Ice Man'. Anyway that all changed when GE busted out the the Monitor Top Fridge


This guy George Van Tassel one day snapped...I mean... was 'visited by aliens'... and they gave him these plans to build this building thing that was supposed to be the fountain of youth but with like electricity or something and it involved a big rock. Mr. Van Tassel died in 1978.

Here's some more info on the Integratron


I saw a baby dolphin being born on Animal Planet. When they first come out they have these stripes called 'fetal folds' and their dorsal fin isn't standing up. Eventually the stripes go away and the fin goes up after a week or so. Baby dolphins are cute. In general, dolphins seem real smart and nice.


I saw a commercial for Orville Redenbacher popcorn and their new slogan is 'Get Orvillized!' meaning 'Get all psyched up about popcorn!' Also meaning 'Our ad agency sucks.' Did they think that it was gonna become like a frickin catch phrase!? 'Orvillized'.. so super stupid. 


I watched the Golden Globes and it was so straight out yawnystale that I couldn't find one good fact (besides the fact that celeb award shows now seem totally silly). But it's still is cool for me to see the actresses that have showed their boobs in the movies and be all like thinking.. 'i've seen your boobs'...


I watched MTV Cribs tour of Mariah Carey's triplex in NYC. Mariah walked on her toes the whole time, had a closet that looked like a clothing store, a couch in her kitchen, and a beauty salon in the place. Like 5 outfit changes along with all the crazy stuff she said while walking around made it the best thing that was on TV this year. 

Here's a Mariah messageboard for the true lambs.


I found out that if your dog eats like dirt or weird stuff it's called 'pica' and there are a variety of possible reasons for this behavior. It's possible your dog has some nutritional deficiency, in need of attention or perhaps just bored.  It was also suggested that your dog might not be all that bright.

Here's some more info on pica


The news guy told me Arthur Andersen is launching a new ad campaign to help with their new image. I would assume these ads would be directed at mafia guys, drug lords, and other crooked folks- as Arthur Andersen seem to provide expert services for slimshadys.

You probably can find more info on Enron and Arthur Andersen here


I watched something on the TV about 'body language' and they talked about how you sit, and if you blink a certain way, and movement of the hands and all that all send messages to the person you're talking to. Thanks to that show I'm sure my new message to people will be about how I'm totally self-conscious about my body language.

Here's some info about body language so you can be self-conscious too.


I watched a show called 'Simply Quilts' today (I know... not a good sign). But I found out some stuff about Medallion quilts. Medallion quilts have like a center piece then you reflect that center 'element' around it with borders and stuff.. The host of the show was extremely smiley..

Here's some info about Hall of Famer Jinny Beyer who wrote the book on Medallion Quilts.


Lynette Jennings on Home Matters showed me that if you take a two-liter plastic bottle of soda and cut off the top part right above the label then take cut off top part and turn it upsidedown and put it inside the bottle so it's like a funnel and you leave a some soda in the bottom of the bottle it apparently makes a good wasp trap. The wasps aren't smart enough to go back up the hole.

Here's a picture of what I'm talking about.


The People's Choice Awards had a tie for Favorite Male Performer. Kelsey Grammar and Ray Romano tied. I don't know what 'people' vote for 'people's choice' or how or whatever but it's very hard for me to believe there was an exact fuckin tie if the 'people's' votes counted. They're lying to us people!  It's not the people's choice! Boycott! Boycott next year! 


When the Blues Brothers first appeared on SNL they weren't in their suits and glasses and hats. They wore bee suits and performed 'I'm a King Bee'. I think Belushi later did a backflip in that bee suit and hurt his back which led to him taking painkillers which eventually led to him taking just plain killers.

Although I couldn't find the Blues Brothers King Bee performance- here's one by the Grateful Dead


According to a recent Family Feud survey: If you were adrift on a raft at sea here are the top eight things you'd want: 8. sunblock, 7.  radio, 6. flare, 5. company, 4. cellphone, 3. life jacket, 2. food, and #1. water. Medgar Aaron of the Aaron family won the $20k for his family today. Way to go Medgar!

If you and your family plan to be in the Southern California area call 818.260.5800 to get on the Feud!


The oldest living thing on earth is this tree in California called 'Methuselah' . It's like almost 5000 years old and may be immortal if no one fucks with it. It has survived floods, lightning, people and all that. Meanwhile I can't keep a plant alive in my apartment for more than a couple months.

Here's some more info on Methuselah


I was just flipping back and forth between the American Music Awards and the Michael Jackson tribute show. Both shows were so nauseatingly throwupidly disturbingly gross on so many different levels that I decided to actually shut off the tv and read a book. 


I saw Sarah the Duchess of York on Larry King. She's helping women in Afghanistan,  working up a bunch of charities, writing books for children, and helping people get in shape with her dieting books. She also refuses to let terrorism win.

If you wanna see her boobs you can check em out here


This was a fact about Nicholas Cage and how he should only make movies that have a V in it. Like Vampire's Kiss, Valley Girl, and Leaving Las Vegas cause those are his only good movies. Then Shelia pointed out that Raising Arizona doesn't have a V and that's his best movie so this whole fact was shot. 


I was watching EA Sports Supercross on ABC and Ricky Carmichael took a nasty header and then someone ran over his left ankle. He walked off under his own power and the announcer said that was a good sign.  Broke his streak though cause he won 13 races in a row before today.

Here's info on Ricky and his XBox game.


An Italian guy named Sobrero invented nitroglycerin and we used it to blow up mountains and stuff while we were building the railroads and screwing over the indians. 

This guy Sobrero apparently like blew up his own face or something and was upset that he invented explodo stuff.


'Dubs' are like hubcap type things that are very expensive. Most playas have 20 inch rims. There are these new dubs that still spin around and around even when your car/truck is stopped. If you ain't got dubs then apparently you ain't no big dog.

Here's some more information on 'dubs'


Y'know last night I'm watching something or other at 9:00 and they run a promo for the news. The anchor is like 'A candy manufacturer recalls candy because it's a choking device for children. Is this candy in your house? Tune in at 11:00.' OK. I understand the whole ratings thing but don't get your frickin ratings off this type of promo. Between that promo and 11:00 another kid could have choked! Give the name of the frickin candy! It's your job to inform people not teasescare people into watching. Dicks.

Here's the candy 


There's this T-Rex at this museum in chicago called Sue. The bones are like 60 million years old and it's like 40 something feet. Although this isn't a fact I have a theory that dinosaurs never existed and it's all a big museum scam cause they found out a long time ago that museums were boring and gift shop sales were down.

Here's some info on "Sue". Yeah right...


On Buffy (which I haven't watched before but now plan to watch all the time cause it's good) she was having like financial problems so one of the people in her house suggested she charge for her vampire slaying. Someone said 'Spiderman charges.' This started a little debate which was settled by Vander who said that spiderman didn't charge- 'action is his reward.' He was right. Listen to the song.

* correction his name is spelled 'Xander'. Thanks Elaine.

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