Jenny Two and Little Pet

Jenny Two: What does she mean when she says 'Say cheese...' ?

Little Pet: I like cheese!

Jenny Two: I know you like cheese but what does she mean by 'Say cheese..'?

Little Pet: Maybe by 'Say' she means 'Gonna give you some...'

Jenny Two: What?

Little Pet: Yknow... 'Say!' like 'Say, I'm gonna give you some cheese!' What do you think?

Jenny Two: I don't even know what the hell you're talking about.

Little Pet: I'm talking about cheese! She said say cheese and I'm thinking she means by say that that means say she's gonna give us some cheese. Like say cheese for us!

Jenny Two: You're talking dumb cat talk- now shush your head before you go confusing us..

Little Pet: I'm already confused.

Jenny Two: Confused about what? What's so confusin... Arrgh! I warned you this was going to happen!

Little Pet: Warned me about what?

Jenny Two: I don't know! But I know I warned you! And now look at us! All confused!