Sheba: Notice how I'm getting the full hug and you're like a side hug?

Cleo: What are you talking about I'm getting just as much hug!

Sheba: No not really. You got a sort of like an afterthought hug going on there.

Cleo: I am not! We are equally hugged!

Sheba: It's really cool that you can feel a half-hug and interpret it as a full hug! I'm actually jealous of that...

Cleo: This is a full hug! It might even be more of a hug than your hug!

Sheba: Uh huh. So you can see a glass half-full even when it's like only a third full? That's cool... for you.

Cleo: When we get out of this hug I'm gonna pee on your head...